Finding Jinnai

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HardModeMissionIconIncomplete.png This quest has a Hard mode version — see Finding Jinnai (Hard mode).
Finding Jinnai
Section Kaineng City Quests
Storyline Beyond: Winds of Change
Given by Miku
in Shenzun Tunnels
(Kaineng City)
Preceded by A Treaty's a Treaty
Followed by Calling All Thugs
Finding Jinnai (Hard mode)
Type Secondary quest
Finding Jinnai map.jpg
Location of Guardsman Jinnai and the cemetery.

Miku has finally tracked down her old friend Guardsman Jinnai, but the Ministry of Purity is not far behind. Find him and protect him long enough to learn the secret the Ministry has been hunting him for.

Quest information[edit]


  • Locate Guardsman Jinnai.
  • Defeat the attacking Ministry of Purity forces. Jinnai has placed traps in the area that will aid you.
  • See Miku for your reward.



Talking to Miku again will transport your party to Jinnai's location. After a brief dialogue between Jinnai and Miku, Ministry of Purity will appear all over the map. They will slowly approach your location. Defeat them all to complete the quest. Be aware that neither Jinnai nor Miku can use the teleporters found throughout the area.

There are two basic approaches: find a good place to defend or keep moving around.


Immediately after initiating the opening dialogue, use the teleporter near your starting location and head to the cemetery due south of where you get teleported to; it's one of several decent defensive locations. Regardless of your choice, keep the party spread out to counter the enemy's AoE skills. Defeat the groups as they spawn. Jinnai and Miku will remain at their initial location, diverting the enemy until you are ready to pull them towards you. Or you can wait for the Ministry to find you.

If you use the cemetery, use the stairs as a choke point and block it with a spirit wall, minions, or a tank. You can also walk to your chosen spot, in which case, the NPCs will follow you and aid in the fight.

Alternatively, head north from the first teleporter's exit (instead of south to the cemetery). Defeat the 2-3 ministry groups that spawn at this location and leave any heroes flagged here. Go south to find the next ministry group and draw them back to your heroes. Keep repeating this until there are no more ministry troops. Be careful approaching Miku and Jinnai, since they will also attract foes towards your heroes.

Keep moving around

Since Jinnai has spiked the area with traps, you can move between teleporters, drawing the ministry foes to each trap in turn. The traps are not likely to kill all your opponents, but they will weaken them sufficiently to allow your team to mop up the remnants. [verification requested]

Skill recommendations
  • Bringing a Minion Bomber or two is useful due to the sheer number of available corpses.
  • A Soul Twisting hero is recommended for additional protection.
    • Synergy with MM Protection spells greatly increases survivability if too many enemies are accidentally aggroed.
  • An effective body block method if using the cemetery defense, such as a Signet of Spirits hero or melee hero capable of AoE damage.







Initial dialogue[edit]

Miku: "It's good to see you again. How is the fight going on your end?"
<Party leader>: "It feels like strugging against a flood. The Ministry of Purity continues to gain momentum, and more people are rallying to their cause. At this rate, they just might cause another war with the Tengu."
Miku: "It's sad, isn't it? To see hope and fear so closely intertwined. People want a better life, but they don't want to better themselves. Instead, they will chase down anything that's held up before them as a scapegoat. The Afflicted, the gangs, and now the Tengu."
Miku: "All of this stems from Reiko. If she can be removed from power, and discredited, maybe the people will see the kind of person they've been following. Maybe they'll come back to their senses."
Miku: "Jinnai is the only other person that knows the truth of what happened with Reiko and Ashu. If Reiko has done something to Ashu, then I can use that knowledge. Maybe it will get through to him. The people will listen to Ashu, and if he stands up to her..."
<Party leader>: "Then the people will follow him. Maybe we can stop this before it can do any more harm. The actions of today become the lessons of tomorrow... I fear to think what would happen if people follow the wrong ones. How do we get to Jinnai?"
Miku: "Tracking down Jinnai has been difficult; he has gone into hiding ever since he apparently confronted Reiko. So there's some good news, and...there's some bad news."
<Party leader>: "What's the good news?"
Miku: "The good news is that I've been able to figure out where he's secreted himself away to."
<Party leader>: "...And the bad news?"
Miku: "Heh. The Ministry of Purity's movements suggest that they're close to figuring it out as well. Their searches are getting closer. We need to get to him, and we need to get there first!"
"Time is tight. We need to get to Jinnai before the Ministry of Purity does. Whatever he knows, it's dangerous enough to Reiko that she has the Ministry hunting him down. If they find him first, that knowledge dies with him...and I know it's something we need."
"We had better go in prepared for a fight, though. I'd like to believe that we'll make it there first, but with our know, I'm just saying. Heh."
Yes Accept: "Let's move!"
No Decline: "It's probably not as pressing as you think."
Ask Ask: "Jinnai should be holed up in the ruins out in the Kurzick lands. At least until he feels safe enough to move on again...or the Ministry of Purity get to him. Either way, not outcomes we want. Heh. We need to get to him as soon as possible. Just tell me when you're ready."
Yes"We should leave at once."
No"I'm not quite ready to go yet."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Miku: "Jinnai! We've finally found you!"
Guardsman Jinnai: "Stay back! Wait... Miku? Is that you?"
Miku: "Is there anyone else that could pull this look off like I do? Heh. Of course it's me. It's been a long time...and a long time spent tracking you down."
Guardsman Jinnai: "I've been in hiding for good reason. It's...because of your family. Because of your aunt. I had heard rumors that you had survived, but I never expected... Listen, there's something you need to know."
Ministry Enforcer: "That will be quite enough. Your knowledge dies with you, here, now. Killing the traitors, now that's just an added bonus."

(Quest updates)

Guardsman Jinnai: "You've been followed! Quickly, fall back! I've scattered traps around; we can use them if their numbers grow too great. Once within range, I will be able to detonate them."
Guardsman Jinnai: "It's no longer safe here. I need to move on. This conflict is not my own; I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Listen, Miku, this is something that you need to know."
Guardsman Jinnai: "Reiko didn't find your brother. He didn't miraculously survive, the way that she has been telling the people. He is not blessed by the gods."
Guardsman Jinnai: "I was the one that found him that day. That boy was bloody and torn, barely hanging on to life. The only miracle was that he was still breathing. We treated him, and took him to Reiko... At the time, I believed she was the last surviving relative of your family."
Guardsman Jinnai: "She took the boy in...and things seemed normal at first. As time went on, however, her stories of his survival became more grandiose. Every time she told them, people listened. Their ideals wanted to listen to her message of hope. But for her, it was always about something more."
Guardsman Jinnai: "As time went on, Ashu began to change. He began to believe as she did. I can only imagine what she might have done to him, how that poor child had already been broken by this world. Blessed by the gods? What a sick joke. I've never seen anyone so cursed."
Guardsman Jinnai: "Do you understand now? It's a lie. All of it. She's been using Ashu to manipulate the people to further her own agenda. What frightens me the most is that I don't know where it ends. What sickens me is the knowledge that I could have prevented this. But all I can do now is run."

(Quest updates)

Guardsman Jinnai: "I'm not strong enough to face this, to face her. But maybe you are. For your family's sake, for your brother's sake. I'll have to trust that you will do the right thing...because this will be the last time that we speak. I don't intend to be found again. There'll be no peace for me, after what I've done."
<Party leader>: "It all makes sense now. No wonder Reiko was so quick to order the Ministry of Purity to kill you. The proof of your existence is a threat to her fabrication of a 'miraculous survivor of the Yuudachi family.'"
<Party leader>: "If people begin to doubt her, then little by little, her base of power begins to erode. The faith of the people is her most dangerous asset."
Miku: "Reiko... I have no forgiveness for her. My blades acted out of vengeance, once. This time, they will act out of justice. For what she has done to my people, for what she has done to my brother. There is a very steep price to pay...and I intend on collecting."

Dialogue when Jinnai detonates his traps:

Guardsman Jinnai: "As always, I'm a few steps ahead of you."
Guardsman Jinnai: "Here's one you won't soon forget, that is, if you ever wake up."
Guardsman Jinnai: "You didn't think you'd catch me unprepared, did you?"
Guardsman Jinnai: "You've underestimated me. Now you're paying the price."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Miku: "To think that Reiko had been using Ashu from the start... To take advantage of a terrified child, to try and twist him into... I have no forgiveness for her. The score needs to be settled."
<Party leader>: "What is your next move, then?"
Miku: "I'm going to try and find a way that we can get at her. She's heavily under guard by the Ministry of Purity, but there must be a chance when we can get close. That will be our time to move."
<Party leader>: "I'll speak with Qao Lin in the meantime, to see how things are progressing and what I can do to help."
Miku: "That's a good plan. We'll fight this battle together, on both fronts. With your help, I know that we can win this. I will send word to you when I've learned something. Until then, stay safe and fight well!"
"It all makes sense now. To think that Reiko would do such a thing... I genuinely believed that I knew her as a better person. But the past always looks more inviting in the eyes of reflection, doesn't it? I know there was nothing more I could have done, but some part of me feels responsible for this. But there's no use in losing myself in those thoughts; what matters now is how I move forward. Reiko is going to pay for what she has done. That much, I promise"