A Treaty's a Treaty

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HardModeMissionIconIncomplete.png This quest has a Hard mode version — see A Treaty's a Treaty (Hard mode).
A Treaty's a Treaty
Section Shing Jea Island Quests
Storyline Beyond: Winds of Change
Given by Soar Honorclaw
in Kinya Province
(Shing Jea Island)
Preceded by Honorable Combat
Followed by Finding Jinnai
Redemption for the Lost
Vassal States
A Treaty's a Treaty (Hard mode)
Type Secondary quest

Repel the Sensali and Ministry of Purity forces from Tsumei Village.

Quest information[edit]


  • Find and speak with Ryun Grayfeather in Jaya Bluffs.
  • Talk to Ryun Grayfeather to travel to Tsumei Village.
  • Defend Tsumei Village from the attacking Sensali Tengu.
  • Defeat the Ministry of Purity's Forces.
  • See Soar Honorclaw for your reward.



Ryun Grayfeather waits for you in Jaya Bluffs just outside Seitung Harbor. Talk to him to be sent into an explorable area version of Tsumei Village, which you must defend from attacking forces.

The Sensali attack first; midway into the battle, Ryun Grayfeather will arrive to reinforce your position with the Angchu Tengu. After you defeat the Sensali, the Ministry of Purity's forces will arrive, entering the village. After a brief dialogue, the Ministry forces become hostile. Defeat these enemies to complete the quest.

All attacks come from the east; if you are farther than earshot range outside the gate, you will be teleported back to the village. The gate is a natural choke point: use this to ball up the Sensali so you can maximize your area of effect skills. Alternatively you can fight at the high ground in the center of town.

Skill recommendations
  • Bring corpse exploitation skills to counter the enemy's use of Aura of the Lich.
  • Alternatively, bring your own minion master, Verata's Aura, or other minion counters.
    • If you flag heroes near the first Ministry group, while they are non-hostile, they will attempt to heal any minions. Shortly after combat begins, the minions will expire and explode (if you bring Death Nova and other minion bomber skills).
  • Trappers are very effective since you can funnel all incoming enemies through the village gate. They have plenty of time to set traps for the final battle, since the next-to-last dialogue is long-winded.



Humans (Canthans)

Humans (Imperial Guards)

Tengu (Angchu)


Humans (Ministry of Purity)

Tengu (Sensali)


Humans (Ministry of Purity)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Soar Honorclaw
"The old fool will be the death of us all! It seems Ryun Grayfeather has gone back to Jaya Bluffs for some absurd reason. I can't possibly guess why, since everyone on that side of the island wants us dead; but last we saw, that was where he was heading.
You seem quite adept at tracking that idiot down. Would you mind fetching him for me again? This time we will make sure to tie him to something upon his return."
Yes Accept: "And here I thought he learned his lesson. I'll go find him...again."
No Decline: "At this point, he deserves to die!"
Ask Ask: "That idiot Ryun Grayfeather went back to Jaya Bluffs. Please go get him before he makes things worse for us all."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Ryun Grayfeather
"Easy, friend, I did not come here for battle! I've been thinking about what you said about me endangering my people with my foolish actions, and I wanted to make amends for my transgressions. I'm old and wise enough to know when I've made a mistake.
'"I've been listening to the Sensali from afar for any talk of an attack on our village. They don't seem to be planning to attack the Angchu, but they have been working to lure the Ministry of Purity to the east side of the island. I heard of them them mention Tsumei Village, which makes me think that their forces on this side of the island are a decoy, and that the bulk of their forces plan to attack Tsumei Village on the west side."
Yes"With the Ministry of Purity forces here, the village will be defenseless. We must warn them!"
"There's no telling how soon they will strike. I know a faster route to that side of the island. Speak with me when you are ready to travel to Tsumei Village. I can take you there, but I fear the villagers won't take kindly to me joining them in battle."
Yes"I am ready to travel to Tsumei Village." (sent to Tsumei Village)

Upon entering Tsumei Village:

Captain Yong Hei: "Thank the Six you've arrived! There are so many Sensali amassing out there, I would have been happy to see the Ministry of Purity show up!"
Canthan Guard: "Whoa there, let's not get carried away!"
Captain Yong Hei: "Stow it soldier! So are you the only ones who have come?"
<Party leader>: "Unfortunately, yes. But if we band together, we should be able to survive this attack."
Canthan Guard: "Well, it looks like we're about to find out. To arms, men!"
Captain Yong Hei: "Give every able-bodied villager a weapon. We fight for our lives!"

Only if Keiran Thackeray is in the party:

Keiran Thackeray: "By the six, here we go again..."

After defeating the first groups of Sensali:

Xin Ji: "By the Six, we're doomed! More Tengu are arriving from the southwest! They have us surrounded!"
Captain Yong Hei: "The Sensali take no prisoners. There is no hope for survival! Slay as many of them as you can before we fall!"
<Party leader>: "Wait...those aren't Sensali. It's the Angchu!"
Ryun Grayfeather: "We're here to honor our alliance, should you have us."
Captain Yong Hei: "Should we have you? Yes! By the gods, yes!"

Occasional dialogue when somebody dies:

Canthan Peasant: "My beloved! You killed my beloved!"
Captain Yong Hei: "Away from them, cowards! Pick on someone your own size!"
Captain Yong Hei: "Your death will not be in vain! Push them back!"
<Party leader>: "Go with Dwayna, my friend. The rest of you, push them back!"
<Party leader>: "Hold fast! We fight for our lives!"
<Party leader>: "Hold the line! Use the choke point to our advantage!"
<Party leader>: "Protect the civilians! Our numbers dwindle!"

When the battle against the Sensali is over:

Captain Yong Hei: "We've done it! We've pushed them back!"
Xin Ji: "Look, off in the distance! It's the Ministry of Purity!"
Captain Yong Hei: "How timely."
Angchu Tengu: "We should flee, brother. There are too few of us to..."
Ryun Grayfeather: "I do not intend to fight them."
Xin Ji: "Fight? You're the heroes of the day! Just wait. Once they know the truth..."
Captain Bei Chi: "Step away from the beasts and the traitors! We are here to protect your village from their nefarious plot!"
Captain Yong Hei: "Actually, they already saved us, thanks. The Angchu are not our enemies. They..."
Captain Bei Chi: "Silence, imperial dog! We have suspected your involvement in the Tengu insurrection and this only proves our suspicions true!"
Xin Ji: "They speak the truth, the Angchu saved us!"
Captain Bei Chi: "I... This is...this must be a trick!"
Ryun Grayfeather: "This is no trick. I extend my hand in peace..."
Captain Bei Chi: "Back, beast!" (kills Ryun Grayfeather)
Captain Yong Hei: "You killed him!"
Captain Bei Chi: "He...he attacked me! You all saw it! Enough of this, arrest them all!"

After defeating the Ministry of Purity forces:

Captain Yong Hei: "This is not good..."
Xin Ji: "Why would the Ministry do this? The Angchu helped us!"
<Party leader>: "Because the Ministry of Purity isn't the infallible entity they would have you believe they are."
Xin Ji: "We have to report this! To Minister Reiko. To...to the emperor himself!"
<Party leader>: "They likely got their orders from Minister Reiko herself..."
Captain Yong Hei: "And the Ministry of Purity has grown too powerful; it has the people on their side. If the emperor were to go against them now, it would lead to endless civil war."
Xin Ji: "Well we must do something! That Tengu saved our lives, we owe it to him! There has to be something that we can do!"
<Party leader>: "There is. Tell people what you saw here today. Tell them of Ryun's sacrifice, of the Angchu's bravery."
<Party leader>: "Show them that this path, the Ministry of Purity's path, will lead them to a darkness from which they may never escape."
Xin Ji: "I will. We all will. We will never forget this day."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Soar Honorclaw
"That brave, old fool. I underestimated his valor and his wit, but at least we can all have solace in knowing that he died a hero to both of our peoples. I hope that his sacrifice shows the Canthan people that the Angchu are not their enemies, and that we still respect our alliance, despite the Ministry of Purity's crusade against us. It is tragic that Captain Bei Chi could not see past his race to see the honor in Ryun Grayfeather's actions, and that they both lost their lives due to his ignorance.
"I thank you, my friend. The whole Angchu tribe thanks you. I don't know what darkness the future holds for us, but I feel the memory of your kindness to my people shall be a glowing beacon of hope for us in these trying times."


  • If players stray too far outside the portals in the village, players are teleported back inside the village walls and the message "You must not abandon the village!" displays.