Ryun Grayfeather

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Ryun Grayfeather
Tengu caster.jpg
Affiliation Angchu
Type Tengu
Professions Elementalist Elementalist
Dervish Dervish
Level(s) 20 (20)
Campaign Beyond

Ryun Grayfeather is part of the Angchu Tengu imprisoned by the Ministry of Purity during the quest Free Birds. Ryun attempts to join the Sensali against the Ministry of Purity in Honorable Combat.



Quests involved with:



Jaya Bluffs:

"You lack discipline!"
"It seems that everyone is an enemy of the Angchu tribe these days."
"Back in my day we would march for 15 miles, uphill in the snow and we stopped less than you!"
"I'm twice your age and you don't see me needing a break! Keep moving whelp!"