Free Birds

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HardModeMissionIconIncomplete.png This quest has a Hard mode version — see Free Birds (Hard mode).
Free Birds
Section Kaineng City Quests
Storyline Beyond: Winds of Change
Given by Soar Honorclaw
in Kinya Province
(Shing Jea Island)
Preceded by Warning the Angchu
Followed by Honorable Combat
Free Birds (Hard mode)
Type Secondary quest
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The Angchu in Aerie have avoided the Ministry of Purity's trap, but the numerous tengu already living on the mainland are now held as prisoners of war. Go with Soar Honorclaw to rescue them from the Ministry's captivity.

Quest information[edit]




Meet up with Soar Honorclaw and her Angchu Tengu allies east of the entrance to Senji's Corner. Note that Soar's group of Angchu will resurrect after a short time out of earshot of foes. Head north, being careful not to aggro too many Ministry fighters at the same time. Once you reach The Roost, wait for the short dialogue between Elite Ministry Captain and the party leader, after which the Ministry will turn hostile and Tengu from the Roost will become allies. More Ministry fighters will arrive; defeat them and lead the Tengu to the exit to Shenzun Tunnels. Map travel back to Ran Musu Gardens and return to Aerie to claim your reward.

The Ministry foes here are very aggressive: they will chase your party farther than most other foes.

If you're having trouble keeping the prisoners alive, you can take several steps before approaching the prisoners.

  • Clear the path to Shenzun Tunnels.
  • Setup a Spirit wall before the fight begins, to delay the Ministry reinforcements from south.
Skill recommendations



Tengu (Angchu)

(The professions of the Angchu allies are random)


Humans (Ministry of Purity)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Soar Honorclaw
"Ah, hello, friend. I'm sorry if I seem preoccupied, but my mind has been dwelling on some tragic affairs. Thanks to your assistance, our village is safe for the time being, but I can't help but think of those who live on the mainland, within the Roost. If Reiko's decree spoke the truth, my kin are being imprisoned there, awaiting a fate no honorable Tengu deserves. I simply cannot bear the thought of my people suffering at the hands of these zealots!
Under normal circumstances, I would rally the strongest among us, sail across the sea, and rescue our people...or die trying. But with the Sensali stirred up by the Ministry's actions, and the Ministry themselves just waiting for the right moment to quietly dispose of our tribe, I cannot leave our home unprotected for that long.
Perhaps you can help. If you could join me and a small rescue party, I could leave the bulk of my forces behind to protect the village. I do not want to put more of my people in danger, but I also cannot abide the Ministry's imprisoning innocent Tengu."
Yes Accept: "You're right, we can't just leave them to such a fate. I'll help you!"
No Decline: "You want me to break IN to jail? No thanks!"
Ask Ask: "I will meet you in Xaquang Skyway, and together we shall liberate my people!"

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Upon reaching Soar Honorclaw:

Soar Honorclaw: "You're here, and for that I thank you. But enough talk, we must go free my people."

When approaching the Roost:

<Party leader>: "There are a lot of Ministry guards in the area, [sic] this won't be easy."
Soar Honorclaw: "We stand a better chance against the Ministry than my unarmed kin inside do."
<Party leader>: "Our fate shall be the same as theirs."

Upon arriving at the Roost:

Elite Ministry Captain: "Traitors! You take up arms against Cantha for these...these savage animals?"
<Party leader>: "From where I stand, you look like the savages. What gives you the right to imprison innocent Tengu?"
Elite Ministry Captain: "We do what we must to keep our people safe!"
Soar Honorclaw: "And I must to do the same for my people. Stand aside and we will leave. There is no need for bloodshed. I am not your enemy, and I do not wish to harm you."
Elite Ministry Captain: "'re just trying to trick me. Like you've been tricking the Empire for years! Reiko knows the truth; she knows what is necessary to save Cantha!"
<Party leader>: "The only thing Cantha needs saving from right now is Reiko! She will destroy everything that stands in her way to power!"
Elite Ministry Captain: "Enough of this! This insurrection ends now, kill them all!"

Once the last objective is completed:

Soar Honorclaw: "We will continue through the tunnels. I have a friend in the Imperial Guard who will help us make our way back to Shing Jea Island."
Soar Honorclaw: "I don't know what the future holds for the Angchu tribe, but I thank you for what you have done."
<Party leader>: "Reiko will use this as evidence that all Tengu are enemies of Cantha. We know the truth about the Ministry of Purity, but in these trying times, I fear Canthans will simply look at this as Tengu killing their own kind."
Soar Honorclaw: "I knew that going into this, but I could not forsake my kin. Our only hope is for the Emperor to regain control of his country before Reiko strikes at us."
<Party leader>: "If I have anything to say about it, that day is fast approaching."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Soar Honorclaw
"You have done our people a great service, and at great risk to yourself. My messenger informed me that the emperor strives for a continued peace between our two people, but my faith in his ability to ensure it has been shaken. I can only hope he maintains whatever grasp he has on the Ministry of Purity's leash. For our sake, and for the sake of Cantha as a whole."