Angchu Ranger

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Angchu Ranger
Sensali caster.jpg
Affiliations Angchu
Summoned creatures
Type Tengu
Professions Ranger Ranger
Elementalist Elementalist
Level(s) 1...20 (24)
Campaign Beyond
Angchu Rangers are allies during Winds of Change. They can be summoned using a Tengu Support Flare.



Broad Head Arrow Ranger[edit]

Glass Arrows RangerElementalist[edit]


Broad Head Arrow[edit]

  • Has strong offensive skills.
  • Can inflict daze.
  • Zojun's Shot moves him closer to his foes and reduces the chance of Broad Head Arrow missing it's target.
  • Read the Wind and Favorable Winds reduce his arrow flight time and increase his damage.
  • Has a defensive skill
  • Has a self-heal
  • Cannot cover daze
  • Read the Wind and Favorable Winds' arrow flight time reduction do not stack.
  • Broad Head Arrow is unaffected by the arrow flight time reduction of both skills.
  • Zojun's Shot moving him closer to his foes also increases the chance of him being attacked.

Glass Arrows[edit]

  • Has a high damage output.
  • Glass Arrows compensates the long recharges of his attack skills.
  • Can interrupt foes.
  • Can punish blocking foes.
  • Can inflict bleeding and cracked armor.
  • Has an energy management skill.
  • Has a defensive skill.
  • Has a self-healing skill.
  • The energy management skills are wasted due to an energy efficient skill bar.

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