Honorable Combat

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HardModeMissionIconIncomplete.png This quest has a Hard mode version — see Honorable Combat (Hard mode).
Honorable Combat
Section Shing Jea Island Quests
Storyline Beyond: Winds of Change
Given by Soar Honorclaw
in Kinya Province
(Shing Jea Island)
Preceded by Free Birds
Followed by A Treaty's a Treaty
Honorable Combat (Hard mode)
Type Secondary quest
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Ryun Grayfeather, one of the tengu rescued from the Roost, is on his way to seek honor and revenge on the Sensali front line. Find him and dissuade him before his actions ruin any chance the Angchu still have for peace.

Quest information[edit]




Follow the quest markers from Seitung Harbor in order to locate Ryun Grayfeather; it is possible to avoid the Ministry of Purity and Sensali forces battling it out as you make your way north. Once Ryun is found and his dialogue with the Sensali concludes, they will turn hostile and attack. The quest will not fail if Ryun dies, as he will automatically revive after the skirmish if your party does not wipe. Shortly after disposing of the Sensali, Ministry troops led by Jiao Kuai the Swift will approach from the east, and will also turn hostile after dialogue is completed. Continue following quest markers as you "chase" Jiao Kuai, being careful not to over-aggro enemies other than the Ministry groups you'll fight along the way.

Once Jiao Kuai reaches Sizhou Hall, he will confront the player alongside Commander Chui Kantu just before a Sensali group appears as well, and both will attack the player. Note: In order to avoid wiping at this stage, flag your team just outside Sizhou to the southeast along the ridge protected by a rock wall before triggering the quest dialogue and let both sides take each other out. If you're lucky there will only be a handful of enemies left for you to handle, resulting in an easy finish.



Human (Ministry of Purity)

Tengu (Angchu)


Humans (Ministry of Purity)

Tengu (Sensali)


Humans (Ministry of Purity)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Soar Honorclaw
"Hello again, my friend. I have troubling news to share. It seems that one of the prisoners we rescued, Ryun Grayfeather, has vengeance in his heart, and has left for the battlefront to attempt to join the Sensali's fight against the Ministry of Purity. His family tried to stop him, but the old fool felt it would be better to die in honorable combat than await the Ministry's executioner here. I'd be lying if I said the same thought hadn't crossed my mind, but there is also honor in respecting the peace we have with the Canthan people, even if some among them have forsaken our accord.
We must stop him from dragging our tribe into this conflict. Should the Ministry report Angchu warriors fighting alongside Sensali, I fear even the emperor will be powerless to stop the Ministry of Purity from assaulting our village. And that's assuming the Sensali don't cut him down at first sight!
Taking more of our warriors to the front will only make this situation worse, I fear. If you would be willing to find him for me, perhaps we can prevent more damage from being done."
Yes Accept: "I will find your soldier and bring him home."
No Decline: "You want me to charge behind enemy lines to find one soldier? No thanks!"
Ask Ask: "Ryun Grayfeather has likely already reached Jaya Bluffs. You must hurry if you hope to stop him from making a grave mistake."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Upon approaching Ryun Grayfeather:

Sensali Warrior: "Well, well. If it isn't a human-loving Angchu. And all alone, too? You make this too easy!"
Ryun Grayfeather: "I am not your enemy, fellow Tengu. I come to fight by your side against this common foe."
Sensali Warrior: "Your people had their chance and you chose humans over your own kind. You're no better than them, and my blade will treat you no differently!"

After defeating the Sensali soldiers:

Ryun Grayfeather: "Back human, I will fight you all if I must! I may be old, but with age comes experience!"
<Party leader>: "We do not wish to fight you, Ryun Grayfeather. We have been sent here by Soar Honorclaw. By being here you are putting your family, your friends, and your whole tribe in grave danger."
Ryun Grayfeather: "You...you're the ones who rescued us from the Roost. Why do you help us, human?"
<Party leader>: "Because the whole world hasn't gone mad, just the vast majority of it. Look, we don't have time, we have to leave before..."
Jiao Kuai the Swift: "Well if it isn't the attempted Assassins. And an Angchu brave? Reiko knew this peace treaty was nothing but a charade!"
Jiao Kuai the Swift: "Men, deal with them. I'm going to report this to the commander!"
<Party leader>: "No, wait... By the Six, why do they always run?"
<Party leader>: "We have to chase him down. If he is able to escape and report your presence here, the Ministry will use this to justify an attack on your village."

While chasing after Jiao Kuai the Swift:

Jiao Kuai the Swift: "You'll never catch me!"
<Party leader>: "Clearly, you don't know my track record of catching people who run from me..."
Jiao Kuai the Swift: "Maybe I can't outrun you, but I can OUTNUMBER you!"
<Party leader>: "You know, I'm pretty good at succeeding against unfavorable odds as well..."

Upon reaching Sizhou Hall:

<Party leader>: "Can you just give up now?"
Jiao Kuai the Swift: "Ah ha! And here is the commander now. Just in time to..."
Sensali Warrior: "We have you now, humans!"
Ryun Grayfeather: "It looks like we're in this battle whether we like it or not, but now we don't have anyone on our side!"
<Party leader>: "What do you mean? It's a handful of us versus their armies. The odds are in our favor!"

When all foes have been defeated:

Ryun Grayfeather: "We've done it!"
<Party leader>: "We've done it, indeed. We've helped escalate this conflict that much more."
<Party leader>: "Every slain soldier on this field, Tengu and human alike, has a family and friends, all of whom will demand vengeance for their lost loved one."
Ryun Grayfeather: "Have the years of battle drained you of all joy from victory? I'd expect that attitude from an old-timer like myself, but you still have many fighting years ahead of you!"
<Party leader>: "No. I've just learned that while you should celebrate your own survival, you should never revel in the death of a foe."
Ryun Grayfeather: "But they are our enemies..."
<Party leader>: "And I, theirs. Should we meet in battle, chances are, only one will walk away. I have accepted the reality of war, but it does not mean I have to like it."
<Party leader>: "Now return to your people. It is not wise to stay here."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Soar Honorclaw
"From the sounds of it, there were no survivors left to report Angchu presence during the battle, but we cannot be sure of that. Only time will tell. I am in your debt, <Character Name>. Not only did you save that old fool from certain death, you also prevented us all from being dragged further into this conflict than we already are. Thank you."