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Guide to earning Hall of Monuments rewards

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This is a guide to help players organize and achieve their Hall of Monuments goals.

About the Hall of Monuments[edit]

The Hall of Monuments is located in the Eye of the North, in the eponymous expansion.

There are 5 monuments in the Hall that players can dedicate their achievements to. These give the player points which unlock free-to-apply skins, charmable pets and titles for the Guild Wars 2 account.

50 points in total can be earned, with unique titles unlocked at every 5th point (5,10,15...50). The first 30 points reward weapon, armor skins and/or pets.

Achievements are account based, so if only one character dedicates something it will be unlocked for all the characters of the same account. However dedicating weapons will customize them to the current character, so you should be careful about this. Dedicated miniatures also cannot be reused for another account's Hall of Monuments.

A warning[edit]

You should decide on the amount of points you wish to achieve.

  • 30 points is rather easy to acquire and will unlock every reward item as well as a few titles. Any campaign along with Eye of the North can earn 30 points. See below for the total points available with only one campaign.
  • Getting more points will unlock new titles, but getting those points will become gradually longer and harder. The achievements span all three campaigns and Eye of the North, so all of the campaigns are required to reach 50 points.

For all 50 points, you will need:

  • A very long playtime (several months if not years), as filling the "Honor" monument requires a variety of titles, most of which require active playthrough.
    • Guardian and Master of the North titles require finishing all missions in Normal and Hard mode with bonus.
    • Cartography and Vanquisher require almost complete exploration of all 121 maps of the three starting expansion, including killing all the foes in Hard Mode for vanquisher.
    • If done on one character, consider acquiring the God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals title at the same time, since it also provides its own duplicate title in Guild Wars 2.
  • A very high amount of platinum and crafting materials, likely more than 4400k.
    • The obsidian armor is notoriously expensive (105 ecto and 105 obsidian shards can cost 1500k assuming a market price of 9k/ecto and 5k/shard). The plethora of armors and weapons required to fill the Resilience and Valor monuments can add up to 670k easily (6 armors worth at least 60k each, 14 weapons easily worth around 15-20k each, as well as 80 jadeite or amber for kurzick/luxon armor as well as 14 rubies and 14 sapphire for vabbian armor which can add up to an additional 100k). Thanks to the introduction of the Reverie Gift, you can acquire one of the tormented weapons without the very expensive Armbrace of Truth (which otherwise can cost over 500k depending on market's price).
    • Some titles in the Honor monument are also expensive, notably the Zaishen title (1000k assuming a key costs 5k) and Sweet Tooth, Drunkard, Party Animal (each around 300-350k/title if buying the consumables from players). Other "minor" costs include elite Skill Hunter at min. 250k if only buying signets of capture at 1k/each, and Lucky/Unlucky (around 80k for rank 2 in both using Nine Rings and Rings of Fortune).

Acquiring points[edit]

Getting started[edit]

Make life easier, start by unlocking map travel and heroes. Beat all three campaigns and Eye of the North in normal mode, making sure to get all masters reward and bonuses for each mission (for Protector titles/statues). Beating a campagin will unlock Hard Mode for the campaign.
Beat the campaigns in this order:

Perks: Short, good heroes, good PvE skills, opens up your Hall of Monuments via the four Monumental Tapestries
Perks: more heroes and PvE skills
Perks: Short, a few more PvE skills, unlocks locations required for Winds of Change
Perks: unlock locations required for War in Kryta and Hearts of the North

Alternatively, travel to Elona before going any further in Eye of the North storyline, as most of the heroes can be acquired early during the Nightfall storyline. This includes heroes such as Acolyte Sousuke/Acolyte Jin and Olias. In addition, the sunspear PvE skills, which include Critical Agility, Seed of Life, Cry of Pain, Necrosis, Whirlwind Attack and Vampirism, are very good.

Martial professions may be interested in completing Factions earlier because of the skill "Save Yourselves!". Paragon, Warriors and assassins can also acquire the skills Spear of Fury, Seven Weapons Stance and Shadow Theft respectively. Ritualists may be also interested to get Summon Spirits and capture Signet of Spirits as part of their Spirit spammer builds (although Signet of Spirits can be acquired another way).

Characters hailing from prophecies may also want to go to the Crystal Desert early in order to get Ascended and do their attribute point quests.

"Fellowship" — Heroes and pets — 8 points[edit]


At this point you should have a minimum of 13 out of 26 required heroes. Now you need to:

  • Recruit the other 9 heroes that have Hall of Monument statues. Every one of these heroes other than M.O.X. will need Hero armor before they can be added to your Hall of Monuments. It should be noted that Keiran, Miku, and Zei Ri cannot be added to the Hall of Monuments.

You can buy them all from other players, or farm them yourself from these locations:

"Valor" — Weapons — 8 points[edit]


A total of 15 weapons, including one of each type, are required for maximum points. You can also purchase the weapons (or their crafting/collection components) from other players.

"Devotion" — Miniatures — 8 points[edit]


Undedicated miniatures can be purchased from other players. The cheapest unded minis are the common (or white) ones from the first three years, although some early purples are cheaper than later-year whites. You could also buy Birthday Presents (from any year but the sixth), but they tend to be significantly more expensive (since they offer a chance of gold or green minis).

1 Unique (Green) Mini
1 Rare (Gold) Mini
Remaining 48 minis
  • Cheapest: purchase early-year whites from other players.
  • Any of the above methods.

"Resilience" — Armor — 8 points[edit]


Aside from any four prestige armor sets, three specific sets are required, making the seven needed to max out the monument. To cut down on the cash needed, you can farm any required materials. The most costly needed materials will be:

"Honor" — Titles and additional statues — 18 points[edit]


The majority of titles have synergy with one another. Read the Guide to maxing titles for an overview of most PvE titles. Not all titles need to be maxed to display their statues in the Hall of Monuments.

In addition to character-based titles, such as Cartographer and Guardian, you will need one Player versus Player title.

  • The Zaishen statue is easier to earn than the others. It takes only 1,000 points (or 200 Zaishen Keys) to get the rank 3 needed to display the statue.

Elite missions also provide a statue upon first completion:

Efficient order for gathering 30 points[edit]

"Quick" guide to 30 points[edit]

An extremely time-efficient plan:

  • 3 points — Accounts linked.
  • 5 points — Beat all 3 campaigns, getting Protector title in at least two of them, or one Protector and Eternal Conqueror of Sorrow's Furnace.
  • 6 points — 1 rare pet (which gives both that statue and the normal pet statue), 8 Heroes including M.O.X.
  • 5 points — 1 Tormented, Oppressor, and Destroyer weapon. Plus two more of your choice.
  • 3 points — 1 unique and 1 rare miniature.
  • 5 points — 5 Prestige armor sets (one must be Elite Luxon, Elite Kurzick or Vabbian) (the head gear is not required. Obsidian is also possible but generally more expensive)
  • 3 points — Your choice of:
    • 28 more miniatures - by far the cheapest option, white and purple miniatures are quite common.
    • 10 more weapons — likely cheaper than 200 Zaishen Keys, oppressor weapons are usually the cheapest.
    • Zaishen title (200 Zaishen Keys for rank 3).
    • 15 more titles/elite missions of your choice.

"Cheap" guide to 30 points[edit]

A more cost effective plan: Valor is not needed to reach 30 points and can be expensive.

  • 3 points — Accounts linked.
  • 5 points — Beat all 3 campaigns, getting Protector title in all three of them.
  • 6 points — 1 rare pet (which gives both the rare pet statue and the normal pet statue), 8 Heroes including M.O.X.
  • 7 points — 40 miniature pets, preferably common (white) as they are usually cheaper, including 1 unique (green) and 1 rare (gold) miniature.
  • 5 points — 5 Prestige armor sets (one must be Elite Luxon or Elite Kurzick) (Head gear not required.)
  • 3 points — 1 PvP Title: Zaishen Supporter title (200 Zaishen Keys for rank 3) is the easiest and quickest PvP title.
  • 1 point — Fortune and Misfortune (require only rank 2) + any other title, e.g. an elite mission (such as Urgoz or The Deep) can be completed quickly and cheaply.
    • If using the Shing Jea Boardwalk minigames for Fortune or Misfortune, the cheapest way to get rank 2 in both titles is to do Nine Rings to earn 87210 lucky points (and 6156 unlucky points), and Rings of Fortune to acquire the rest.

Limited campaigns[edit]

Even without all of the campaigns, it is still possible to acquire all of the item rewards (30 points), and even some of the bonus titles, but never all 50 points. Each campaign contains statues, heroes, and armor sets that are unique to that campaign.

  • With Prophecies 43 total points are available.
  • With Factions 45 total points are available.
  • With Nightfall 46 total points are available.

The above numbers include Eye of the North statues, heroes, and armor sets since Eye of the North is required to access the Hall of Monuments. They also include all of the "Core" points, including PvP titles and campaign independent titles, which makes the maximum shown hard to achieve with only one campaign.

Quick guide to 30 points with limited campaigns[edit]

These recommended points are possible to achieve no matter which campaign you own. Some of the points come from the Eye of the North expansion, as it is required to access the Hall of Monuments.

  • 3 points — Accounts linked.
  • 3 points — 1 rare and 1 unique mini.
  • 5 points — 1 rare pet and 4 heroes.
  • 3 points — Zaishen title (200 Zaishen Keys for rank 3).
  • 5 points — Complete your campaign and achieve 3 additional statues from your Honor monument.
  • 4 points — 5 prestige armor sets (headgear not required.)
  • 7 points — 11 weapons, including at least one destroyer, oppressor and tormented.

Pay or play[edit]

A large majority of the items needed for your hall can be purchased from NPC's or other players. Here is a list of a few of the more popular money making options:



Item Farming[edit]

Reward farming[edit]


  • Trading valued items (notably the very items used for the Hall of Monument) in marketplaces such as Kamadan (buying low and selling higher).

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