Every Bit Helps

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Every Bit Helps
Section Festival Event Quests
Event Halloween
Prophecies or Nightfall
Given by Mad King's Steward
in Lion's Arch or Kamadan, Jewel of Istan
Preceded by Stemming the Skeletal Tide
Type Festival quest Repeatable quest
Skeleton of Dhuum map.jpg
Locations of the Skeletons of Dhuum

Defeat and collect three Skeletons from the Underworld.

Quest information[edit]




Similar to the previous quest, you will need to enter the Underworld by the regular means. The character must be Ascended, Weh no Su or have completed Hunted! to be able to enter the Underworld (but see Notes). All foes in the Underworld will return to their regular spawns and patrols. The closest Skeleton of Dhuum can be found immediately at the starting point.

Explore The Underworld until you encounter a Skeleton of Dhuum. After weakening the Skeleton of Dhuum (to approximately 25% health) or simply killing it, double-click on the Everlasting Mobstopper in your inventory to capture it. Dead Skeletons of Dhuum can only be captured while its corpse is still visible. Multiple players are able to capture the same Skeleton of Dhuum. After capturing the Skeletons of Dhuum, you can continue in The Underworld or map travel to the Mad King's Steward for your reward. The quest requires at least three Captured Skeletons to complete, but nothing is preventing you from capturing all of the Skeletons of Dhuum in The Underworld.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Mad King's Steward
"The Mad King, whom I serve most obediently, appears more concerned about dripping pie filling on his invisible pony than the possible return of Dhuum. Though I am unworthy to speculate about the thickness of his head, I can see in his empty eyes that he doesn't consider one skeleton evidence of an uprising. Would you mind capturing a few more of Dhuum's minions? Naturally, I will reward you for every batch of evidence you bring."
Yes Accept: "I'm on my way."
No Decline: "You're all insane. Stay right here while I go way over there."
If your character has at least one Everlasting Mobstopper in inventory or your inventory is not full:
Ask Ask: "Use an Everlasting Mobstopper [sic] to capture 3 minions of Dhuum [sic] in the Underworld." [sic] (The following appears in your chat window: "Mad King's Steward hands you 3 Everlasting Mobstoppers.")
If your character does not have a Everlasting Mobstopper in inventory and your inventory is full:
Ask Ask: "Use an Everlasting Mobstopper [sic] to capture 3 minions of Dhuum [sic] in the Underworld.Your [sic] inventory is full. Please make room and speak to me again." (The following appears in your chat window: "Mad King's Steward tries to hand you 3 Everlasting Mobstoppers, but your inventory is full.")

Reward dialogue[edit]

Mad King's Steward
"Well done! On behalf of my liege, I thank you. The more crystallized skeletons I show him, the brighter his candle burns. For this reason, my offer remains open: capture more minions and claim more rewards."


  • The Quest Log displays "Mad King's Steward (Lion's Arch)" even if your character acquired this quest in Kamadan.
  • A character that cannot enter the Underworld can still complete this quest as long as another character on the account, that can enter the Underworld, collects and places the Captured Skeletons in storage so the other character can turn them in.
  • If you collect 402 Captured Skeletons, you can gain the Legendary Survivor title by taking the quest, accepting the reward, switching districts and repeating.
  • The quest Unwanted Guests is very efficient for the purpose of farming this quest, being available quickly and spawning 15 skeletons that each aggro separately.
Bug Bug.If your character has 99Platinum 1Gold or more, you will only be awarded experience and Trick-or-Treat Bags but not any gold. Usually an NPC will not give a quest reward until your character has enough space for the gold and/or items.
Bug Bug.If you have enough filled mobstoppers in your inventory to complete this quest, but less than 3 in the first inventory slot, you will be unable to accept the reward because "your inventory is full".