Everlasting Mobstopper

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Everlasting Mobstopper
Everlasting Mobstopper.png
Rarity Common
Type Quest item
Value Can't be sold
Stackable Yes
Campaign Prophecies
Uses 1
Quest item for Stemming the Skeletal Tide
Every Bit Helps

Double-click to attempt to capture target Skeleton of Dhuum.

— in-game description

The Everlasting Mobstopper is a festival quest item for the Halloween quests Stemming the Skeletal Tide and Every Bit Helps.


  • This item is given upon accepting the Stemming the Skeletal Tide and Every Bit Helps quests during Halloween.
    • Additional Everlasting Mobstoppers can be acquired by placing all Everlasting Mobstoppers present in your inventory into your Xunlai Chest. Interacting with the Mad King's Steward regarding the quest while it is active in your quest log. Alternatively, abandoning and re-taking the quest produces the same result.
    • Skeletons of Dhuum are present in the Underworld year-round, and can be captured at any point with or without the accompanying quest active.
  • Upon successfully capturing a skeleton, this item will be removed from your inventory and replaced with a Captured Skeleton. The Weakened by Dhuum effect is also applied, preventing the use of further Everlasting Mobstoppers for 60 seconds.
  • This item cannot be traded or dropped on the ground.
Anomaly Anomaly.Despite the description stating it will attempt to capture the targeted Skeleton, this item can capture any nearly dead skeleton or corpse of a skeleton in your area, and is player-specific.