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Warrior Elite Platemail armor is an example of prestige armor.

Prestige armor, also known colloquially by players as 15k armor or elite armor and referred to by the "Resilience" monument as ascended armor, is often viewed as a status symbol. The armor sets are generally more elaborate, more detailed, more expensive, and more difficult to obtain than standard armor (also known as 1.5k or 1k armor). Prestige armor often also requires additional common and rare crafting materials when compared to its standard counterpart.

Some prestige armor types have a standard version, such as with the Warrior Gladiator and Warrior Elite Gladiator armor sets, and some do not, like Warrior Vabbian armor. Sometimes the prestige and standard armor art will look very similar, though in other cases they can be completely different, like can be seen with the female Ranger Druid and Ranger Elite Druid armor sets. In some cases the prestige and regular versions of the armor have dissimilar names, seen clearly in Monk Censor and Monk Elite Judge armor.

Prestige armor is no different from any other max armor apart from its appearance and cost. Although you do not need to be ascended to wear prestige armor, some sets are unavailable until you have completed the relevant campaign's storyline. Full sets (excluding headgear, which is optional) of prestige armor can be displayed at the "Resilience" monument (however, standalone pieces, including Deldrimor armor, cannot be displayed in the Hall of Monuments).

Heroes have their own form of prestige armor: Hero armor is obtained through various optional activities in Eye of the North and Nightfall.

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  • Many prestige armor sets were renamed in the May 24th, 2007 game update to better distinguish them from their standard counterparts.