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Type Monument
Campaign Eye of the North

"Fellowship" is a monument in the Hall of Monuments for displaying heroes and animal companions. This monument is considered full when five statues displayed. You can dedicate statues for all heroes (except Keiran Thackeray, Miku, and Zei Ri) and for four pets (including a generic statue and three unique ones).



Heroes must have upgraded armor and be in your party to be displayed in this monument.

Nightfall heroes require one of Ancient Armor Remnants, Stolen Sunspear Armor, Mysterious Armor Pieces, or Primeval Armor Remnants to upgrade. Eye of the North heroes require either a Deldrimor Armor Remnant or a Cloth of the Brotherhood instead.

See hero armor upgrades for more details.

Monument Statue Monument Statue Monument Statue Monument Statue
Acolyte Jin   Acolyte Sousuke   Anton   Dunkoro  
General Morgahn   Goren   Gwen   Hayda  
Jora   Kahmu   Koss   Livia  
Margrid the Sly   Master of Whispers   Melonni   M.O.X  
Norgu   Ogden Stonehealer   Olias   Pyre Fierceshot  
Razah   Tahlkora   Vekk   Xandra  
Zenmai   Zhed Shadowhoof  
  Bug.M.O.X.'s statue has clipping issues with other hero statues
  Anomaly.Keiran Thackeray cannot be added to this monument, due to technical reasons.[1] Miku and Zei Ri also cannot be added to this monument.

Animal companionsEdit

If you enter the hall with a level 20 animal companion (pets accompanying your heroes are not counted), you can display a generic pet statue at this monument, which features a bear, a Lynx, and a wolf. (You can only do this once per character.) In addition, you can display statues for three other animals (if you bring them individually to the hall), each of which counts towards the Any Rare Pet Statue requirement for the rewards calculator.

Monument Statue Monument Statue
Black Moa   Black Widow  
Phoenix   Animal companion
(any pet)
  Bug.Under certain circumstances, up to 5 copies of the same statue might be displayed.
  Bug.The Animal Companion statue has clipping issues with the border of the monument when placed at the center.


The world is comprised of small creatures, small loyalties, small stories They trust in their heroes, fight by their sides, join in their glories Never forsaken.

Statues of the favorite companions of [Character Name] belong here.

Examine the Monument to Fellowship.
Companions on display:
Animal Companion (if displayed)
[Companion Name] (for each displayed)
Additional companions available for display: (if at least 6 have been added)
Animal Companion, [Companion Name], (for each added, but not displayed)
The companions of [Character Name] belong here. (alternate text if none is displayed)
 Add a statue of [Companion Name]. (for each in party but not displayed)
[Hero Name] has not received any Hero armor upgrades. The platform does not respond to you. (with no upgrades)
View the "Fellowship" inscription again.
The Monument to Fellowship begins to respond. (with upgrades)
  Reconsider your actions.
  Rearrange statues. (see notes)
The monument looks empty. A tapestry covering the wall behind it would make it seem more complete. (with no tapestry)
  Display a tapestry. (if one is in inventory)
The room courses with energy. You have unlocked the Monument to Fellowship. Your Heroes and animal companions may be commemorated here.
Examine the Monument to Fellowship.
View the "Fellowship" inscription again.

If at least one statue is displayed,
Witness here the favorite companions of the legendary hero, [Character Name], whose achievements will never be forgotten.

Examine the Monument to Fellowship.
  Cycle displayed statues.
  Arrange display.
Which statue location do you want to set?
[Warning:] Once you have set a statue location that location will remain set and not cycle with other statues until you reset all locations.
  Far Left.
  Far Right.
  Please reset all of my placed statues.
  Gaze upon your displayed accomplishments. (plays cinematic)


  • Pets must be level 20 and be evolved to at least tier 6, before they can be displayed.
    • The statues remain even if you give your pet to a pet tamer.
    • You cannot display pets of your heroes; however, in the Zaishen Menagerie, you can show a hero pet to Emryd the Tamer, ask Wynn to spawn the same animal, and you can charm the pet she releases without disposing of your hero's pet. Then you can take your newly charmed pet to the hall for dedication.
  • Heroes can be included in the monument at any level as long as they have received either of their Hero Armor upgrades.
    • M.O.X. can be displayed as soon as it is acquired, since the golem's armor cannot be upgraded.
  • Once a hero statue has been added to the Hall of Monuments that hero cannot be added again, even if different hero armor is obtained.
  • As with any of the monuments, you can dedicate the statues using a combination of characters on your account or using just one character.

Reward pointsEdit

By filling up this monument you can acquire up to eight points for rewards for Guild Wars 2.

Points Requirement
Any Hero Statue
Any Pet Statue
Any Rare Pet Statue
5 Companion Statues
(Full Display)
10 Companion Statues
20 Companion Statues
30 Companion Statues
Total points: 8