Wanted by the Shining Blade

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Wanted by the Shining Blade
Wanted by the Shining Blade.jpg
Affiliation Shining Blade
Type Signpost
Level(s) 24 (24)
Campaign Beyond
Kryta Wanted Boss Locations.jpg
Paths to the 21 bosses.

The Wanted by the Shining Blade signpost in Lion's Arch Keep is an NPC that offers a quest for gold, experience, and War Supplies. You can get the quest rewards from Princess Salma in Lion's Arch Keep.



Inquisitor bounties

These quests are always available, non-repeatable, and are required for parts of the War in Kryta storyline.

War Supplies.png War Supplies
Bounties Location Gold Gold NM HM
Inquisitor Bauer Scoundrel's Rise 1000 20 30
Inquisitor Lashona North Kryta Province 1000 20 30
Inquisitor Lovisa Watchtower Coast 1000 20 30
Total 1 3 Platinum 0 Gold 60 War Supplies.png 90 War Supplies.png
1These are the rewards you will get when you complete the Bounties. War supply values represent the total war supplies gained for normal mode completion and hard mode completion respectively.
Rotating quests

These quests are on a rotating cycle, which change daily at 16:00 UTC (9:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time) at the Lion's Arch Keep. The current available quest, as of 01:45, 28 May 2024 UTC, is indicated in bold.

War Supplies.png War Supplies
# Bounties Location Gold Gold NM HM
1 Insatiable Vakar North Kryta Province 500 7 10
2 Amalek the Unmerciful Watchtower Coast 750 10 15
3 Carnak the Hungry The Black Curtain 500 7 10
4 Valis the Rampant Twin Serpent Lakes 250 3 4
5 Cerris Nebo Terrace 750 10 15
6 Sarnia the Red-Handed North Kryta Province 250 3 4
7 Destor the Truth Seeker Kessex Peak 750 10 15
8 Selenas the Blunt Twin Serpent Lakes 250 3 4
9 Justiciar Amilyn Kessex Peak 750 10 15
10 Maximilian the Meticulous Nebo Terrace 250 3 4
11 Joh the Hostile Scoundrel's Rise 250 3 4
12 Barthimus the Provident Cursed Lands 750 10 15
13 Calamitous Watchtower Coast 750 10 15
14 Greves the Overbearing The Black Curtain 500 7 10
15 Lev the Condemned North Kryta Province 250 3 4
16 Justiciar Marron Kessex Peak 750 10 15
17 Justiciar Kasandra D'Alessio Seaboard 1000 15 22
18 Vess the Disputant Divinity Coast 750 10 15
19 Justiciar Kimii Riverside Province 1000 15 22
20 Zaln the Jaded D'Alessio Seaboard 750 10 15
21 Justiciar Sevaan Divinity Coast 1000 15 22
Total per cycle 2 12 Platinum 750 Gold 174 War Supplies.png 255 War Supplies.png
2These are the rewards you will get when you complete each of the bounties once. War supply values represent the total war supplies gained for normal mode completion and hard mode completion respectively.
Note: To ensure that the correct quest is bolded, if the UTC time shown above is not close to the UTC clock time at the top of the page, you can refresh/purge this page.


"Wanted by the Shining Blade"

If you have three active Wanted quests:

"Shining Blade bounties are limited to 3 at one time."


  • These quests are only given in Lion's Arch Keep, which means you must have witnessed dialogue 4 of the War in Kryta dialogues in the Shining Blade Camp, which, in turn, requires attending the Trial of Zinn. See flowchart for details.
  • A character can only have 3 of these quests at a time.
    • Each bounty always becomes available on the same day of the week, because there are 21 total bounties, which is divisible by 7.
  • As with any other type of quest, other quests in the area can prevent the targeted bosses from spawning, e.g. Calamitous will not spawn in Watchtower Coast if the Halloween 2010 quest, Heirlooms of the Mad King is active.

General tips[edit]

There are some techniques that work well with any of the bounties:

  • Frozen Soil suppresses the resurrection skills of the White Mantle and Peacekeepers, nearly any of which might carry hard or soft res.
  • Pulling helps separate groups and gives the party a chance to strike first.
  • Flag heroes and henchmen apart; the enemy uses plenty of area of effect (AoE) skills.
  • Wait out patrols or tackle them away from stationary groups.
  • In hard mode, your henchmen will be much stronger while your opponents will be only moderately more difficult.
  • Try changing the composition of your party; parties and builds that are successful elsewhere might be less well-equipped for the War in Kryta.
  • Focus on appropriate targets, usually the healers, but sometimes their highest damage dealers or, if you lack Frozen Soil, the foes carrying resurrection skills.
  • Be willing to retreat when the battle turns against you; you can often avoid a wipe and put the enemy at a disadvantage in a new location.
  • Take advantage of the terrain: use choke points to concentrate AoE skills, use objects to block ranged attacks, and place your ranged attackers on hills (for greater range and damage).
Bug Bug.Accepting the reward for The Battle for Lion's Arch after beginning The War in Kryta but before this stage appears in your quest log can cause issues as it will mark The War in Kryta as complete, preventing you from doing the quests skipped. You can work around this by following the manual walk through, unless you have completed both Ebon Vanguard Allies and Asuran Allies. If you have completed the two quests, you will be unable to trigger the dialogue with Princess Salma that allows you to take the Wanted! quests targeting the three inquisitors (Bauer, Lashona, and Lovisa).


  • Added in the May 21, 2010 update.
  • These quests are similiar to the Zaishen Challenge Quests.
  • The decline dialogue for these quests is a reference to the Edwin Starr song War.
  • The original predictions page can be found here.
  • You cannot take a quest if you already have that quest in your log.
    • If you keep a bounty quest for the whole cycle and complete it on the day it repeats, it will not be offered again on that day.

Original order[edit]

This was the original order in which these quests were introduced: