Wanted: Vess the Disputant

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Wanted: Vess the Disputant
White Mantle elementalist.jpg
Section Kryta Quests
Storyline Beyond: War in Kryta
Prophecies and Eye of the North
Given by Wanted by the Shining Blade
in Lion's Arch Keep
Type Secondary quest
Vess the Disputant location.jpg
Vess's location in the Divinity Coast
(from the Secret River Passage).

Kill Vess the Disputant.

Quest information[edit]


Must have access to Lion's Arch Keep, see flowchart for details.



  • 3,000 Experience
  • 750 Gold
  • Complete the Base Objective for 10 War Supplies
  • Complete the *BONUS* Objective for an additional 5 War Supplies


Make your way (preferably from Temple of the Ages) to the Secret River Passage located in the north of Talmark Wilderness, and continue north and then west along the path indicated on the map. Beware of the patrols that can engage the party when making your way west. Always prioritize the enemy healers first, taking down groups by simply luring them one group at a time if attempted in Hard Mode.

When you have reached the castle that Vess the Disputant calls home, you will see a group of 3 enemies on the bridge directly in front of Vess' group. This group contains a warrior boss called Cairn the Berserker. You can lure this boss separately using a longbow, before approaching Vess' group.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Wanted by the Shining Blade
"Vess the Disputant is a corrupt White Mantle prosecutor who is responsible for the deaths of countless Krytans. In these times of war, the White Mantle considers trials too time-consuming. In the name of efficiency, prosecutors are permitted to execute prisoners on site when they deem the accused "guilty beyond question." Vess the Disputant, however, is known to allow his victims to prove their innocence in mock trial, though no one ever succeeds. Take the Secret River Passage in Talmark Wilderness to Divinity Coast and deliver true Krytan justice. Strike down Vess the Disputant in the name of Queen Salma and you will be rewarded handsomely!"
After completion of The Battle for Lion's Arch
"Relive this historical mission from the War in Kryta! Vess the Disputant was a corrupt White Mantle prosecutor who was responsible for the deaths of countless Krytans. Known for conducting mock trials before executing his prisoners, Vess met his end during the war at the hands of bounty hunters. Re-create that famous hunt and slay Vess the Disputant to earn the royal bounty. Take the Secret River Passage in Talmark Wilderness to Divinity Coast, and deliver true Krytan justice once again."
Yes Accept: "I'll do whatever I can to help restore order to Kryta."
No Decline: "War! What is it good for?"
Ask Ask: "The rivers run red with the blood of the innocent wherever Vess the Disputant travels. Go to Divinity Coast and show him what true justice feels like! You will need to take the Secret River Passage in Talmark Wilderness to arrive without suspicion."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Princess Salma
"Thank you <player name>, your efforts bring us one step closer to a unified nation."


  • It is worth taking the bounty if A Little Help From Above is active, since you can kill Vess on the way to completing that mission.
  • Though Vess has a feminine apperance, He is referred to with male pronouns in the quest dialogue.