Secret River Passage

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Secret River Passage
Secret River Passage.jpg
Affiliation Not specified
Type Interactive object
Level(s) 1 (20)
Campaign Beyond
Secret River Passage location.jpg
Location in Talmark Wilderness (War in Kryta)

The Secret River Passage is an interactive object located in the north of Talmark Wilderness, next to Ember Whisperwind, that leads to Divinity Coast explorable area. It will only appear after viewing the fourth dialogue in the Shining Blade camp (and rezoning).



"The river leads through the mountains into Divinity Coast and the hidden Asuran Lab."
Ask Take the secret passage to Divinity Coast.
"Taking this passage will transport your party into Divinity Coast. Area you sure you want to leave this area?"
Yes Yes. Take us to the Asuran Lab. (moved to Divinity Coast (explorable area))
No No. I wish to remain here in Talmark Wilderness.

If one or more party members has not viewed the fourth dialogue in the Shining Blade camp:

"One or more among you has not seen the recruiting efforts of the Shining Blade."


  • Interacting with the object will transport you to an area in Divinity Coast that is adjacent to Zinn's laboratory.