Wanted: Selenas the Blunt

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Wanted: Selenas the Blunt
White Mantle warrior f.jpg
Section Kryta Quests
Storyline Beyond: War in Kryta
Prophecies and Eye of the North
Given by Wanted by the Shining Blade
in Lion's Arch Keep
Type Secondary quest
Selenas the Blunt map.jpg
Location in Twin Serpent Lakes.

Kill Selenas the Blunt.

Quest information[edit]


Must have access to Lion's Arch Keep, see flowchart for details.



  • 1,000 Experience
  • 250 Gold
  • Complete the Base Objective for 3 War Supplies
  • Complete the *BONUS* Objective for an additional 1 War Supplies


From Riverside Province, go north and around the bend. You will kill plenty of White Mantle/Peacekeeper groups. Travel along the west side of the lake, and you will eventually run into Selenas the Blunt. Kill her, and return to Princess Salma for your reward. Be careful when pulling mobs as they tend to congregate together and threaten to overwhelm unprepared parties (especially of H/H)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Wanted by the Shining Blade
"Selenas the Blunt is an aptly named White Mantle thug of unexceptional intelligence and limitless cruelty. For her crimes against innocent Krytans, Queen Salma has issued a royal bounty for Selenas the Blunt. Those who kill this murderous scoundrel will receive a bounty and eternal acclaim."
Yes Accept: "I'll do whatever I can to help restore order to Kryta."
No Decline: "War! What is it good for?"
Ask Ask: "Selenas the Blunt must pay for her countless acts of cruelty. Track her down in Twin Serpents Lake."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Princess Salma
"Thank you <player name>, your efforts bring us one step closer to a unified nation."