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Disambig icon.png This article is about walkthrough of the whole War in Kryta. For the overarc quest and its walkthrough, see The War in Kryta.
War in Kryta flow chart
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Exclamation Point - Red Emblem.svg Attention:The following Beyond quest sequences require that your account includes both Prophecies and Eye of the North. The easiest way to meet all the prerequisites for the War in Kryta is to have finished EotN.

The flow chart provides an overview of the various tasks, quests, and dialogues that make up the War in Kryta and the dialogues between Gwen and Thackeray.

Order of quest chains[edit]

War in Kryta[edit]

  1. To begin the WiK sequence, take the War in Kryta quest.
  2. Witness the Trial of Zinn. Map to Vlox's Falls and talk to Chark just outside. (Prerequisite: completion of EotN or Zinn's Task)
  3. Next, visit the Shining Blade camp in Southwestern Talmark Wilderness. Listen to the first set of dialogues and rezone through Tears of the Fallen to trigger the next one.
  4. Rezone one more time to the Shining Blade camp to unlock another dialogue:
  5. Complete Thackeray's scavenger hunt
  6. Exit Eye of the North to Ice Cliff Chasms to view Evennia and the Ebon Vanguard.
  7. Proceed to Lion's Arch Keep to see Captain Langmar's arrival in Lion's Arch. This opens up:
  8. Next, complete the first three (required) bounties: Wanted: Inquisitor Lashona, Wanted: Inquisitor Bauer, and Wanted: Inquisitor Lovisa. Unlike the other Wanted! quests, these can only be completed once and are required.
  9. Then, Salma will have a new chain of quests:
    1. Riverside Assassination
    2. A Little Help From Above
    3. Temple of the Intolerable
    4. Mustering a Response
    5. The Battle for Lion's Arch, which completes the War in Kryta.
  10. After completing The Battle for Lion's Arch, go to the Hall of Monuments to see the fate of Gwen.

Hearts of the North[edit]

If you have completed all of EotN or the Wintersday Quests involving Gwen and Thackeray, you can view an additional 6 dialogues between Gwen and Thackeray

  1. Visit the Hall of Monuments to begin the Gwen and Thackeray romance sequence.
  2. Next, you can find Lieutenant Thackeray in Ice Cliff Chasms outside Eye of the North. He will send you on a scavenger hunt for picnic items, including something sweet, something to drink, an exotic meal, and candles.
  3. After giving him the last item, return to the Hall of Monuments for one more dialogue between the two Ebon Vanguard soldiers.


  • You can start the War in Kryta with the dialogues at the Shining Blade Camp. However, you will have to return there to recruit Zinn after his trial, making it more efficient to start the sequence with the Trial of Zinn.
  • You can skip the Gwen & Thackeray dialogues and still complete WiK. However, you will not see any Ebon Vanguard allies or participate in the picnic scavenger hunt.
    • You may return to the Hall of Monuments with someone else who needs to unlock the Gwen & Thackeray sequence, which will allow you to participate in the Picnic.
    • Similarly, you need to return to Lion's Arch Keep with someone who needs to witness Captain Langmar's arrival, otherwise you will not have access to the Ebon Vanguard recruits for the War or for the Shining Blade Bounties.

War in Kryta follow-up[edit]

  • After completing The Battle for Lion's Arch, most of Kryta will return to its pre-WiK state:
    • Explorable areas no longer spawn WiK foes
    • Courier Falken and the various allies will no longer spawn.
  • If you have any Wanted! quest active, all explorable areas in Kryta will return to their WiK state, including the associated foes and allies.