Hard Apple Cider

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Hard Apple Cider
Hard Apple Cider.png
Rarity Common
Type Alcohol
Value Can't be sold
Stackable Yes
Campaign Core
Drunkard points 1
Hard Apple Cider jpg.png

Uses remaining: 1
Double-click to drink. Excessive alcohol consumption will result in intoxication.

— in-game description

Hard Apple Cider is an alcoholic drink. When consumed, it will go towards attaining the Drunkard title.


During April Fools' Day
During Anniversary Celebrations (since Seventh Year Anniversary Celebration)
  • Randomly dropped by PvE foes
During the Special Treats Week


Lieutenant Thackeray

Location: Ice Cliff Chasms (after The Missing Vanguard or Snowball Dominance, but before completing Thackeray's scavenger hunt)
Collecting: 1 Birthday Cupcake, 1 Drake Kabob, 1 Hard Apple Cider, 6 Votive Candles

Item Value
Paper Wrapped Parcel.png Paper Wrapped Parcel Can't be sold
Birthday Cupcake: "A Birthday Cupcake! Yes. Yes, I think it must be this. What else could be more perfect?"
Drake Kabob: "Now that is a meal! Simple, delicious, and appropriate for the setting. Yes. That will do perfectly!"
Hard Apple Cider: "YES! How did you know? That would add just the right touch to the picnic. Gwen loves apples. She tries to hide it, but I've seen her eyes light up when we get in a new bushel."
Votive Candles: "Amazing! From Ascalon? I'm nearly speechless. I think Gwen will really love these. Thank you. And should you get any more, I'd take a few more bunches of 6!"
  • After that he will give you a Sack of Random Junk for any item already received, but he will use the same dialogue.


  • Hard Apple Cider provides one level of drunkenness, see the Drunk article for details.

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