Heirlooms of the Mad King

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Heirlooms of the Mad King
Section Festival Event Quests
Event Halloween
Given by The Countess of Hakewood
in Lion's Arch
Type Festival quest
Bryce the Stablehand map.jpg
Bryce the Stablehand in The Black Curtain from Temple of the Ages
Geoffrey the Butler end location.jpg
Geoffrey the Butler's stopping point in Kessex Peak
Joh the Hostile location.jpg
Guardsman Brofis the Deserter in Scoundrel's Rise from Gates of Kryta

In Heirlooms of the Mad King one must recover the priceless heirlooms of the Mad King.

Quest information[edit]




You only have to defeat the foe for your Quest Log to update (you do not need to kill the undead that accompany Bryce or Brofis); there are no items to recover.

The best starting point is the Temple of the Ages. Enter The Black Curtain and follow the map marker west to Bryce the Stablehand. After his dialogue, several Grasping Ghouls will sometimes appear. Defeat Bryce before you run to Kessex Peak.

Geoffrey the Butler is just past the entrance of Kessex Peak. After his brief dialogue, he will run away into a path with many Fog Nightmare. If you run past him during his dialogue, you may be able to body block him, making him easier to kill. Likewise, knock downs or a low recharge time snares (e.g. Crippling Shot) will make defeating him easier. If you lose him, you can just rezone or go kill him when he stops running at a certain spot.

After defeating Geoffrey, you should map travel to Gates of Kryta. Head north to Scoundrel's Rise and follow your map marker to Brofis the Deserter. After Brofis's dialogue, he and his group of undead will become foes. His group stands near a group of Bog Skale Blighters. You can either kill the skale before Brofis finishes his dialogue or move out of aggro range of the undead group after he starts his dialogue and then go back to kill Brofis while the skale and undead are busy fighting each other. Once Brofis is dead, you may map travel back to Lion's Arch to collect your reward.

This quest combines well with the quest Commandeering a Mortal Vessel. Bring two hero smiter monks and go as a secondary assassin and equip Beguiling Haze as your elite skill. Switch over to Commandeering a Mortal Vessel as soon as you have bested Bryce the Stablehand. Beguiling Haze will make it easy to get into the mausoleum and the two monk smiters will help immeasurably with the hordes of undead in the mausoleum.



The Black Curtain

Zombies (Undead)

Kessex Peak

Skeletons (Undead)

Scoundrel's Rise (All are initially allies. A random group of six will spawn with Brofis.)
Skeletons (Undead)

Zombies (Undead)


Initial dialogue[edit]

The Countess of Hakewood
"Ah, the sounds of screaming peasants! 'Tis music to my ears! It's a tragedy that the world experiences the glory that is King Thorn but once a year. I can still taste the delicacies from the grand feasts his courtiers were treated to each night. Devastating famine or not, our glorious monarch knew how to prioritize the division of resources. Of course, the commoners weren't thrilled with his economic policies, but before our beloved king had a chance to tell them just what he thought about their opinions, his reign was cut short. With a carving knife.
That is why His Royal Squashness has sent me here to perform a mystical ceremony of ancient magical...er...magic. According to his calculations, which are as infallible as everything else about His Majesty, he is imprisoned behind a series of magical seals that prevent him from materializing in the mortal realm more than once a year. The return of the Krytan royal bloodline to power has destroyed the first seal, weakening the barrier preventing our most glorious king's permanent return to your world. I am as excited as an inquisitor in a room full of dissidents!
Now, I'm no expert on magical seals or summoning spirits from beyond the grave, but what I do know is these sort of fancy rituals usually require some sort of artifacts to work. At least, every sacrificial altar I've ever seen was quite cluttered with seemingly random knick-knacks! Prior to his tragic death, King Thorn had three possessions dearer to him than any others. Unfortunately, a horde of revolting peasants burned them, along with his palace, most of his courtiers, and, well, him... But don't fret, I have an alternative!
After his untimely pitchfork-and-torch-related "accident," many of our most benevolent king's possessions ended up in the hands of his ungrateful, thieving servants and other unworthy swine. We must reclaim them! And by "we" I mean "you." I have located three suitable heirlooms. I trust you are as eager to please the king as I am."
Yes Accept: "Simply for the sake of curiosity, I can't refuse."
No Decline: "I'm fairly sure whomever created these seals did it for a reason. Count me out!"
Ask Ask: "At this very moment there are filthy commoners with their grubby hands on our kings [sic] prized possessions! Go forth and liberate them!"

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

The Black Curtain:

Bryce the Stablehand: "Stand back mortal! In life I was the greatest warrior the world has ever seen. Armies fled at the mere sight of my presence!"
Bryce the Stablehand: "Villagers would torch their own homes in hopes I would show them mercy for saving me the trouble. But I show no man mercy! Ha ha ha!"
Bryce the Stablehand: "Kings handed over their crowns! The gods..."
<Party leader>: "I heard you were a stableboy."
Bryce the Stablehand: "Stableboy? Uh, no, that was my brother. HA! Stableboy!? I was a terrible and fearsome force of sheer power!"
<Party leader>: "Fine, I'll take your word for it. I'm not looking for any trouble, I simply need to get something King Thorn left in his saddlebag."
Bryce the Stablehand: "What? I checked in there centuries ago and there is nothing in there but some nasty, half-eaten petrified apple. See?"
<Party leader>: "So wait, you found a petrified, chewed-on apple in a saddlebag and you kept it for some reason?"
Bryce the Stablehand: "Well yes, of course. You never know when something like that might come in handy!"
<Party leader>: "When could that come in handy?"
Bryce the Stablehand: "Don't judge me! Now, what are you looking for?"
<Party leader>: "The apple."
Bryce the Stablehand: "And you wondered when I would find a use for such a thing? Do you honestly think I will turn over this sought after treasure without a fight?"
Bryce the Stablehand: "Best me and the apple is yours!"

Kessex Peak:

<Party leader>: "Were you the Mad King's butler? I'm trying to gather some items for him."
Geoffrey the Butler: "What? He's back? I won't go back to that degrading life with him. You can't imagine the indignities I suffered! You can't make me go! Noooooooo!"

Scoundrel's Rise:

Guardsman Brofis the Deserter: "Halt, fleshy one!"
<Party leader>: "I'm not looking for trouble here. All I want is King Thorn's copy of "Moa Soup for the Demented Soul."
Guardsman Brofis the Deserter: "King Thorn!? By the gods, he will tear out my heart!"
<Party leader>: "It doesn't look like you still have a heart..."
Guardsman Brofis the Deserter: "That won't stop him! You don't understand. I was instructed to protect the king, but it's hard to stand your ground when you have an angry mob running at you!"
Guardsman Brofis the Deserter: "I won't let you take me to him! And I won't let you take my book! This thing has gotten me through some tough times. Losing a job, fleeing for my life, dying an agonizing death. These writers know my pain!"
Guardsman Brofis the Deserter: "If you want this book, you'll have to take it from my cold, undead hands!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

The Countess of Hakewood
"Excellent! As you can see, these items were far too valuable to be allowed to remain in the hands of the unworthy. I'm pretty sure I just felt a seal break. Either that or I've had too much absinthe..."