White Mantle inquisition

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The White Mantle inquisition is the event started by Confessor Isaiah of the White Mantle during the War in Kryta to eradicate all people who didn't agree with the White Mantle regime. Though it began as a simple act of interrogation and attacking those claimed to be aiding the Shining Blade, soon enough some inquisitors began attacking people for no reason and even brainwashing children while aided by Jade constructs.


The inquisition was performed by various inquisitors, all led by the High Inquisitor at the time, Toriimo. During the inquisition, the inquisitors seemed to hold some of the highest positions, as they commanded both Peacekeepers and White Mantle alike, some of which even commanded captains of the White Mantle.

Known inquisitors[edit]

High Inquisitor[edit]