Inquisitor Bauer

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Inquisitor Bauer
White Mantle necromancer.jpg
Affiliation White Mantle
Type Human (boss)
Professions Necromancer Necromancer
Ritualist Ritualist
Paragon Paragon
Level(s) 24 (30)
Campaign Prophecies
Inquisitor Bauer From Gates of Kryta.jpg
Location in Scoundrel's Rise
Inquisitor Bauer (North Kryta Province).jpg
Location in North Kryta Province from Bergen Hot Springs

Inquisitor Bauer is a notorious inquisitor of the White Mantle that appears just outside the Gates of Kryta during Wanted: Inquisitor Bauer and in a random encounter near Ascalon Settlement. He is seen interrogating Farmer Dirk, Camryn Jamison and mergoyles. He is said to have a demonic urgency and an unnerving stare.



North Kryta Province[edit]

Scoundrel's Rise[edit]

Items dropped[edit]



  • This character is a reference to Jack Bauer, famed for his interrogation scenes and fondness for shouting "damn it!" in the TV series 24.