Wanted: Justiciar Kasandra

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Wanted: Justiciar Kasandra
White Mantle elementalist.jpg
Section Kryta Quests
Storyline Beyond: War in Kryta
Prophecies and Eye of the North
Given by Wanted by the Shining Blade
in Lion's Arch Keep
Type Secondary quest
Justiciar Kasandra location.jpg
D'Alessio Seaboard path
(after speaking with Jiaju Tai).

Kill Justiciar Kasandra.

Quest information[edit]


Must have access to Lion's Arch Keep, see flowchart for details.



  • 5,000 Experience
  • 1,000 Gold
  • Complete the Base Objective for 15 War Supplies
  • Complete the *BONUS* Objective for an additional 7 War Supplies


Talk to Jiaju Tai at the docks in Lions Arch to gain passage to D'Alessio Seaboard. The Jade Cloak in Justiciar Kasandra's group can be isolated, but the others are more difficult to pull. This group has so many casters bunched in a tight area that a Mesmer armed with Panic can neutralize them, even in hard mode.

Pulling apart the boss group

To break apart the Boss group, start by going left after crossing the bridge to take out all the enemies in the circular route around the fortress. Return to the central plaza. As soon as they attack, pull back and head left down the path, leaving some spirits (or minions) in the path; some of the group will attack and follow. Repeat until those foes move beyond the outer walls. Then, move down the road.

Those separated will try go back to original position in center; some will make it through the gate, others will get stuck in outer wall. Your party should always return to the middle of the bridge when aggroed, leaving minions and/or spirits to engage the foe and weaken them. Continue to pull the White Mantle mobs until the plaza is clear, then ensure that no additional spawns can surprise you by circling the fortress, clearing any remaining Mantle from the area. Once complete, the main target force can be attacked, again relying on minions/spirits to bear the brunt of the foes attacks.

During Temple of the Intolerable

If Temple of the Intolerable mission is active, foes will not appear in the town. Speak to Dinas to enter through the gate and follow the Intolerable walkthrough. However you must kill Justiciar Kasandra before Koril the Malignant, otherwise you will not have time to complete the bounty.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Wanted by the Shining Blade
"For too long, the farmers and merchants that have traveled through the D'Alessio Seaboard have suffered from the cruel whims of Justiciar Kasandra. This supposed agent of the law abuses her authority to prey on those under her protection. Allies of Kryta who eliminate this criminal will receive a generous royal bounty and the gratitude of the Queen. Passage to a secluded area of D'Alessio Seaboard has been aranged with Jiaju Tai in Lion's Arch."
After completion of The Battle for Lion's Arch
"Relive this classic event from the War in Kryta! For too long, the farmers and merchants that traveled through D'Alessio Seaboard suffered from the cruel whims of Justiciar Kasandra. This supposed agent of the law abused her authority and preyed on those under her protection. Re-create the famous hunt for Kassandra[sic] during the war, and claim your bounty by eliminating this menace once again! Passage to a secluded and historically accurate area of D'Alessio Seaboard has been arraged with Jiaju Tai in Lion's Arch."
Yes Accept: "I'll do whatever I can to help restore order to Kryta."
No Decline: "War! What is it good for?"
Ask Ask: "Go to D'Alessio Seaboard and put an end to Justiciar Kasandra's reign of terror! Jiaju Tai in Lion's Arch will grant you passage to a safe part of the Seaboard."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Princess Salma
"Thank you <player name>, your efforts bring us one step closer to a unified nation."


  • If you wait three days after taking this quest, you can do it together with Zaln the Jaded.
  • If you die while in the D'Alessio Seaboard explorable area you will be resurrected on the southern beach where you entered.
  • The available Level 10 henchmen are ineffective in normal mode against the Level 20+ foes. If you must include henchmen, use those that can offer AoE skills and pull carefully to take advantage of that.
  • Make your life easier by using the (repaired) bridge linking the Offering sites from the mission to get behind the Boss group.
Anomaly Anomaly.The text for the bonus objective is phrased as if it were a second objective (rather than a bonus one).