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Affiliation Urgoz
Type Plant
Level(s) 30 (32)
Campaign Factions
Urgoz's Warren map.jpg
Location in Urgoz's Warren
"Naga Forest Lord" concept art.jpg
Concept art by Matthew Barrett.

Urgoz has gone mad and will stop at nothing to eliminate the human interlopers on what he considers his territory. As the spiritual incarnation of the Echovald, he commands remarkable abilities as well as dozens (perhaps hundreds) of corrupted servants.

— Factions Prima Guide

Urgoz is the forest spirit of the Echovald Forest, and takes on a tree form made out of vines when he manifests. The Wardens are Urgoz's followers and servants, following his orders. Originally, Urgoz and his Wardens worked in tandem with the Kurzicks in protecting the forest, but when Shiro Tagachi's Jade Wind struck, Urgoz was corrupted. Believed by some to have died to the Jade Wind, Urgoz remained dormant as his Wardens became hostile to the Kurzick people.

With the rise of the Afflicted, their hostility rose, and Urgoz reappeared where he took over the area now called Urgoz's Warren, an abandoned amber mine. Along with empowering the Wardens close to him, he has twisted the local flora and fauna, even many refugee Dredge, driving them all mad.




Armor ratings[edit]

Armor ratings
Blunt damage 100 Piercing damage 100 Slashing damage 100
Cold damage 130 Earth damage 130 Fire damage 130 Lightning damage 130


Approaching Urgoz:

Urgoz: So, you have come at last. I have forseen your arrival...just as I have forseen your doom!
Urgoz: The blood drinkers will feast on your corpses!
Urgoz: It is your fate to die in this place.
Urgoz: You will never escape!
Urgoz: Which path shall you follow? They all lead to your demise!
Urgoz: Let the wardens put an end to your misery, human.
Urgoz: Breathe deeply the corruption of the forest...share its agony!
Urgoz: The Kurzicks who lived here long ago knew they could not escape their destinies. You will learn the folly of fighting the inevitable.
Urgoz: It is as I have forseen. You WILL die here!
Urgoz: I knew you would make it this far...but soon you shall be no more. It is your destiny.


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  • Urgoz' attack range is roughly the size of the compass range. Make sure you are well prepared before engaging him.
  • Urgoz has 40 energy in Hard Mode.
  • Defeating Urgoz rewards 5,000 Kurzick faction in Normal Mode and 10,000 faction in Hard Mode.
  • Defeating Urgoz for the first time increases your Kurzick faction cap by 10,000.
  • Urgoz will occasionally switch to Dadao Sword. He does not attack while wielding it.