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Note: Weekly bonuses and Nicholas the Traveler requests change at 15:00 UTC on Mondays. If your browser does not update the available activities, you can refresh the list.
Week starting PvE bonus PvP bonus Nicholas item Nicholas location Nicholas map
17 September 2018 Extra Luck Heroes' Ascent Frostfire Fangs (2x) Anvil Rock Map
24 September 2018 Elonian Support Codex Arena Demonic Relic (1x) The Ruptured Heart Map
1 October 2018 Zaishen Bounty Alliance Battle Abnormal Seeds (2x) Talmark Wilderness Map
8 October 2018 Factions Elite Random Arenas Diamond Djinn Essence (1x) The Hidden City of Ahdashim Map
15 October 2018 Northern Support Guild Versus Guild Forgotten Seals (2x) Vulture Drifts Map
22 October 2018 Zaishen Mission Competitive Mission Copper Crimson Skull Coins (5x) Kinya Province Map
29 October 2018 Pantheon Heroes' Ascent Mossy Mandibles (3x) Ettin's Back Map
5 November 2018 Faction Support Codex Arena Enslavement Stones (2x) Grenth's Footprint Map
12 November 2018 Zaishen Vanquishing Alliance Battle Elonian Leather Squares (5x) Jahai Bluffs Map
19 November 2018 Extra Luck Random Arenas Cobalt Talons (2x) Vehjin Mines Map
26 November 2018 Elonian Support Guild Versus Guild Maguuma Spider Web (1x) Reed Bog Map

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