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Note: Weekly bonuses and Nicholas the Traveler requests change at 15:00 UTC on Mondays. If your browser does not update the available activities, you can refresh the list.
Week starting PvE bonus PvP bonus Nicholas item Nicholas location Nicholas map
21 November 2022 Zaishen Bounty Alliance Battle Fetid Carapaces (3x) Eastern Frontier Map
28 November 2022 Factions Elite Random Arenas Moon Shells (2x) Gyala Hatchery (explorable area) Map
5 December 2022 Northern Support Guild Versus Guild Massive Jawbone (1x) The Arid Sea Map
12 December 2022 Zaishen Mission Competitive Mission Chromatic Scale (1x) Ice Cliff Chasms Map
19 December 2022 Pantheon Heroes' Ascent Mursaat Tokens (3x) Ice Floe Map
26 December 2022 Faction Support Codex Arena Sentient Lodestone (1x) Bahdok Caverns Map
2 January 2023 Zaishen Vanquishing Alliance Battle Jungle Troll Tusks (3x) Tangle Root Map
9 January 2023 Extra Luck Random Arenas Sapphire Djinn Essence (1x) Resplendent Makuun Map
16 January 2023 Elonian Support Guild Versus Guild Stone Carving (1x) Arborstone (explorable area) Map
23 January 2023 Zaishen Bounty Competitive Mission Feathered Caromi Scalps (3x) North Kryta Province Map
30 January 2023 Factions Elite Heroes' Ascent Pillaged Goods (1x) Holdings of Chokhin Map

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