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Note: Weekly bonuses and Nicholas the Traveler requests change at 15:00 UTC on Mondays. If your browser does not update the available activities, you can refresh the list.
Week starting PvE bonus PvP bonus Nicholas item Nicholas location Nicholas map
23 April 2018 Pantheon Random Arenas Piles of Elemental Dust (2x) Drakkar Lake Map
30 April 2018 Faction Support Guild Versus Guild Naga Hides (3x) Panjiang Peninsula Map
7 May 2018 Zaishen Vanquishing Competitive Mission Spiritwood Planks (3x) Griffon's Mouth Map
14 May 2018 Extra Luck Heroes' Ascent Stormy Eye (1x) Pockmark Flats Map
21 May 2018 Elonian Support Codex Arena Skree Wings (3x) Forum Highlands Map
28 May 2018 Zaishen Bounty Alliance Battle Soul Stones (3x) Raisu Palace (explorable area) Map
4 June 2018 Factions Elite Random Arenas Spiked Crest (1x) Tears of the Fallen Map
11 June 2018 Northern Support Guild Versus Guild Dragon Root (1x) Drazach Thicket Map
18 June 2018 Zaishen Mission Competitive Mission Berserker Horns (3x) Jaga Moraine Map
25 June 2018 Pantheon Heroes' Ascent Behemoth Jaw (1x) Mamnoon Lagoon Map
2 July 2018 Faction Support Codex Arena Bowl of Skalefin Soup (1x) Zehlon Reach Map

Tango-quest-icon.png Quest lists
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Master difficultyHard Mode only
Useful for farmingRemoved quests
Rewards: affiliation, high XP, platinum, skills