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Note: Weekly bonuses and Nicholas the Traveler requests change at 15:00 UTC on Mondays. If your browser does not update the available activities, you can refresh the list.
Week starting PvE bonus PvP bonus Nicholas item Nicholas location Nicholas map
29 November 2021 Zaishen Mission Competitive Mission Leathery Claws (3x) Ascalon Foothills Map
6 December 2021 Pantheon Heroes' Ascent Azure Crest (1x) Unwaking Waters (explorable area) Map
13 December 2021 Faction Support Codex Arena Jotun Pelt (1x) Bjora Marches Map
20 December 2021 Zaishen Vanquishing Alliance Battle Heket Tongues (2x) Dejarin Estate Map
27 December 2021 Extra Luck Random Arenas Mountain Troll Tusks (5x) Talus Chute Map
3 January 2022 Elonian Support Guild Versus Guild Vials of Ink (3x) Shenzun Tunnels Map
10 January 2022 Zaishen Bounty Competitive Mission Kournan Pendants (3x) Gandara, the Moon Fortress Map
17 January 2022 Factions Elite Heroes' Ascent Singed Gargoyle Skulls (3x) Diessa Lowlands Map
24 January 2022 Northern Support Codex Arena Dredge Incisors (3x) Melandru's Hope Map
31 January 2022 Zaishen Mission Alliance Battle Stone Summit Badges (3x) Tasca's Demise Map
7 February 2022 Pantheon Random Arenas Krait Skins (3x) Arbor Bay Map

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