The Falls

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Disambig icon.png This article is about an explorable area. This name is also used for a Zaishen vanquish quest and an NPC/landmark.
The Falls
The Falls.jpg
Campaign Prophecies
Region Maguuma Jungle
Type Explorable area
Exit(s) Reed Bog
Secret Underground Lair
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Non-interactive maps

The Falls are among the most spectacular sights in the Maguuma Jungle, but travelers seldom have the time for sightseeing with all the skale, trolls, and other unsavory creatures trying to eat them. A lucky or persistent adventurer may come across a Forgotten Fan or Totem Axe here.

Getting there[edit]

Start from Ventari's Refuge and travel south through Ettin's Back and past Reed Bog. The secondary quest Blood And Smoke given outside Ventari's Refuge will lead here.


Resurrection shrines
  • Near exit into Reed Bog.
Statue of Balthazar




Ghosts (Druids)


Charmable animals[edit]



















Gw2logo.png The Guild Wars 2 Wiki has an article on The Falls.
  • Complete exploration of this area contributes approximately 1.9% to the Tyrian Cartographer title.
  • Vanquisher runs of this area without active quests require defeating around 300 foes. Including quest influences, it has been reported to range from 279 to 327 foes.
    • There are many hidden spiders in the southern half of the area.
    • There are 2-3 hidden Life Pods around each Root Behemoth. Bring anti-caster or anti-healing skills to counter them; they can all pop up together if the Root Behemoths have spawned close to each other. Alternatively, you can creep up to a Root Behemoth by the edge of your aggro radius to spawn the Life Pods one or two at a time.
    • There is a patrol of Jungle Skale on a counter-clockwise loop just after the 'main' bridge into the "Falls Area" (near Sewp the Darktooth.)
    • Minions and spirits are very useful when dealing with hordes of wind riders and life pods.
    • Consider bringing Ebon Vanguard Sniper Support for a possible instant kill on life pods.
    • Remember to keep the party spread out when confronting Wind Riders: their area of effect interrupts and damage can easily wipe the unprepared.
  • The Redwood Shepherds use Spirit of Primal Echoes, increasing the energy costs of using signets.
  • The water in the area imbues you (and allied creatures) with the Fount of Maguuma.
  • As with other bridges in the game, there are height issues with the vines that lead across valleys or chasms. In particular, you can attack or be attacked from the main vine (leading to The Falls area of the zone, southeast from Agrippa Stonehands). You can pickup dropped items that are supposedly below (or above) you. Also, creatures can body block each other, even if one is on the ground and the other is on the vine.

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