Slayton Redblade

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Slayton Redblade
Shining Blade warrior.jpg
Affiliation Shining Blade
Type Human
Service Collector
Level(s) 15
Campaign Prophecies
The Falls Collectors.jpg
The Falls collectors map.jpg

Slayton Redblade is a collector, a type of NPC that exchanges trophies for items.



"I'm searching for 5 Tangled Seeds. I can offer you one of the following items in exchange. Can you help me?"

If this collector does not carry armor for your character's profession:

"Hello! I've been collecting Tangled Seeds, but I have nothing left to trade for them. Why don't you try selling to an outfitter instead?"

Collector items[edit]

Slayton Redblade[edit]

Location: The Falls
Collecting: 5 Tangled Seeds

Profession Item AR Armor bonus Value
Warrior Warrior Krytan Helm 71 Strength +1 (Stacking)
Armor +20 (vs. physical damage)
100 Gold
Ranger Ranger Hunter Mask 61 Wilderness Survival +1 (Stacking)
Armor +30 (vs. elemental damage)
100 Gold
Monk Monk Dragon Scalp Design 51 Smiting Prayers +1 (Stacking) 100 Gold
Necromancer Necromancer Krytan Scar Pattern 51 Soul Reaping +1 (Stacking) 100 Gold
Mesmer Mesmer Animal Mask 51 Inspiration Magic +1 (Stacking) 100 Gold
Elementalist Elementalist Flame Eye 51 Fire Magic +1 (Stacking) 100 Gold