Blood And Smoke

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Blood And Smoke
Section Maguuma Jungle Quests
Campaign Prophecies
Given by Deep Root
in Ettin's Back
(Maguuma Jungle)
Preceded by Dropping Eaves
Type Secondary quest
Blood And Smoke Map.jpg
Route to Dark Oak in The Falls

Concerned by news of a traitor in their midsts, Deep Root turns to an unorthodox source of information. Players must journey deep into the heart of the Maguuma Jungle to seek the counsel of the ancient tree Dark Oak. His counsel isn't free, though; players must obtain the bloody heart of a Centaur boss for it.

Quest information[edit]




On entry to Reed Bog from Ettin's Back talk to Scout Melthoran, then take the left hand route heading south. This way, you can encounter and slay Drogo Greatmane (located at the "A" on the map) and pick up his Bloody Heart, before meeting Dark Oak, which can help speed up the quest immensely. Otherwise you'd have to re-zone between The Falls and Reed Bog and re-fight all the enemies on the way.

There are a lot of Maguuma Spiders and Redwood Shepherds on the way to Dark Oak, warriors might want to bring "Shields Up!", or monks bring Aegis to help defend the party and mitigate some damage. Condition removal or Healing Breeze can also be helpful.






Initial dialogue[edit]

Deep Root

"All this talk of traitors worries me. Although I am loathe[sic] to do so, it may be time to turn to...alternate sources of information. Deep within the forest lives Dark Oak. He does not usually choose to show himself, but perhaps if our need is great he will make his presence known. One of my scouts name Melthoran, who is stationed in the Reed Bog, knows where to find him. We need someone to seek out Dark Oak and obtain his counsel.
"Will you undertake this task?"
Yes Accept: "I will seek out Dark Oak."
No Decline: "I don't talk to trees."
Ask Ask: "Speak with Scout Melthoran in the Reed Bog. He should be able to Direct you to Dark Oak."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Scout Melthoran

"You wish to Speak with Dark Oak? You're a braver man than I. When he deigns to show himself, he can be found to the southwest in the Falls. Good Luck."

Dark Oak

"I sense no fear in your heart. That is good, for there is no reason to fear me. I am but an aspect of nature, just as decay and death are part of the natural cycle. I already know the question you wish to ask, and yes, I can consult certain...powers to obtain and answer, though it may not be to your liking. The powers I would consult require sacrifices. If you wish me to consult with them, you must seek out the mighty Centaur lord called Drogo Greatmane. Bring me this centaur's heart, and you shall have the answers you seek."

Dark Oak

"Let me look into the dark... I see a great beast, a great cat...a lion. This lion hungers. He is devouring...the forest...the entire forest... Nay, the entire world! A host of gleaming not angels but birds...carrion birds...bright and terrible as the sun accompany this lion. All falls before his hunger until naught is left but bitter ashes. That is all I see."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Deep Root

"This is a dire vision indeed. The lion he saw is obviously Kryta or the White Mantle but what of the carrion birds? I must consult with Evennia. Perhaps she can interpret this vision. Thank you my friend for everything you have done for us."


  • Even if you are on a female character, Scout Melthoran will refer to you as a "braver man than I".
Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars Prophecies.

  • The vision may refer to the coalition of the White Mantle (lions) and the winged, claw-footed Mursaat (angels/carrion birds).


  • Blood and Smoke is the name of an audio book featuring 3 short stories by Stephen King.