Luxon Adept

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Luxon Adept
Luxon elementalist.jpg
Affiliation Luxons
Type Human
Profession Elementalist Elementalist
Level(s) 28 (30)
Campaign Factions

Luxon Adepts are Luxon elementalists encountered during the Zos Shivros Channel challenge mission. There are six Luxon Adepts throughout the mission and when defeated, each will grant the party a morale boost and the Rage of the Sea monster skill applied on the party.



16 Earth Magic, 16 Water Magic (20 Earth Magic, 20 Water Magic is Hard mode)


Battle quotes[edit]

"Give my regards to your ancestors; you go now to meet them!"
"No mercy for the weak!"
"You are not fit to call yourself a Luxon."
"You do not belong here, outsider!"
"You must prove you are worthy to stand by our side."


  • Luxon Adepts spawn prior to the challenge mission starting.
  • Although they share similarities with bosses, the Luxon Adepts are not bosses.