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The Amazon Basin [AB]

The Amazon Basin [AB]
Guild The Amazon Basin cape.jpg
Territory America
Faction Kurzick
Type PvX
Webpage Main page

The Amazon Basin was founded in 2000 as a guild for Diablo II. It was created as a safe haven for all those who felt the bad play such as duping in Diablo II wasn't right and wanted just to have fun playing the game. It was at first only open to players of the Amazon class but eventually opened up for everyone regardless of what characters they played. The Amazon Basin's motto is "Play nice and show some class" which the members continue to stick true to today.

As the years went on, The Amazon Basin picked up more games and expanded their guilds eventually to form the Guild Wars Amazon Basin commonly abbreviated by members to ABGW. ABGW started playing and testing Guild Wars in the Beta Weekend Events, and because of their hard work and dedication were honoured as the first official Guild of the Week by ArenaNet. The Amazon Basin guild has achieved many other such things in the Guild Wars universe.

Today the guild is split into 4 guilds bonded together into an alliance so that everyone can be in the in-game guild. It's a guild which serves as a safe-haven against racism, cheating, bigotry, and unfair gameplay.


  • Guild of the Week. Guild of the Week #1 (April 6, 2005)
  • Honorary Area. Amatz Basin name for helping out with the Guild Wars Factions Strategy Guide.
  • Honorary NPCs. A number of NPCs named after their alpha testers (real world names) throughout the campaigns.
  • Magazine Coverage. Massive Online Gaming Magazine featured guild.

Some of these forms of recognition are shared with other Guild Wars guilds involved in alpha testing as well, such as Zealots of Shiverpeak [ZoS].


ABGW is a PvX Alliance. Three of the main guilds are more PvE-centric, while the Basin Amazons is the dedicated PvP guild. With the recent introduction of community-sponsored tournaments, ABGW has started to use The Amazon Basin as a tournament guild for these events. Basin Amazons is open to anyone who wishes to become involved in PvP at any level, and players have the option of playing GvG any time they wish to do so. As a result, the guild rating is lower overall than the ability of many of the more consistent players. Therefore, to reflect better the actual player ability, the more experienced players who wish to play in a tournament will move to The Amazon Basin, where the rating more accurately reflects the player skill level. Basin Amazons will also enter tournaments, but with a core team of more inexperienced players that better reflect the rating of the guild.

In PvE, the guild has regular runs of Hard Mode missions and high end PvE areas. Members are encouraged to use the forum to organize player-driven events over both short and long term. As a result, many members have been able to acquire several titles that might otherwise involve significant grinding.

In PvP, besides GvG, the guild is active in Heroes' Ascent, with twice-weekly organized runs. One of the goals is to have more organized activity in Team Arenas and Alliance Battles, especially the latter as Alliance Battles provide a low-stress learning environment for players wishing to explore the PvP side of the game.


If you'd like to see about joining the Basin's Guild Wars branch, go to the forums, and look around. If you feel like it's the right place for you, sign up and say hello and we'll quickly get you to where you need to be! The guild is always happy to welcome newcomers and help them with anything they feel they need.

Contact information (website offline as of 27 June 2016, anyone knowing how to contact the website or members, please put it within this section).

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Alpha Testing

The Amazon Basin played an active role in the testing of Guild Wars, and was one of the first of the beta testing guilds. Our partial list of alpha testers is as follows: 2VipeRS, Aelrik, Ancient 1, Argent, Arhurt, Bowa, brianc84, bumpkin_hunter, ceolstan, csivils, Deadroot, Devonaut, Dharmaserf, Dolf Kooz, dustbunny, Dynatos, FEF, FunkyJam, Gillias, irish2, jfbrown42, Jugalator, Katie, Keeper Of The Vale, Khift, Khutulu, Koalachan, Kynar, LaughingGod, LordKestral, Lyne, MachineKing, mageofthesands, mammonlord, Mephista, meretan, michaeldt, Mouse, Naelok, narnach, OfDanley, Phage, Protoshoggoth, Quorinna, Real-Life, reido, Rolento, RogueMage, Sage, samekrille, Shadguy, shai, Shawn, SirBunnz, SirCrimer, Sphynx, Stash, Svata, Tarasque, tdt-cto, Teraph, Texson, Torrilin, TPJ, Trexim, Trinity, twolf, Verxion, Wim.

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