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Rejected policy proposal

This page is a suspended policy.

It was once a standard policy, but has since been removed or superseded by another policy.


Following a community discussion in October 2019[1], the Guild namespace was locked down as of November 2019 to prevent further editing.[2]

The approximate basis for this decision was that the guild namespace was requiring an inordinate amount of policing and was largely unmaintained once a page had been created.

This policy has therefore been marked as suspended, on the basis that no edits to the guild namespace are currently permitted. The original policy is provided for reference within the box below.

The purpose of the Guild Wars Wiki is to help players, and articles on guilds can help players locate a new guild or learn about the history of the game. Therefore, players are allowed to create pages about their guilds in the Guild: namespace. The intent of these articles is to document the existence of the guild, its philosophy, history, recruitment policy, notable achievements (tournament wins, etc), and basic contact information for recruitment purposes.

This article sets out the standards and ground rules that all guild articles need to follow.

Naming and format[edit]

  • All guild pages must reside in the Guild: namespace. This namespace is isolated from the main namespace by:
    • Disallowing any form of redirection to or from pages outside of this namespace
    • Strongly curtailing links from the main article space. Links are only allowed from official mentions of guilds, such as from articles on official tournaments.
Note that these limitations don't affect links pointing out from the Guild: namespace, such as linking to articles in the main namespace or user pages; outbound links are perfectly allowed.
  • All guild pages must be named with the full name of the guild as displayed in-game (including uppercase first letter formatting), i.e., use [[Guild:Zealots Of Shiverpeak]]. In the presence of naming conflicts try the following disambiguation attempts in order. Chances are one of them will work. In case of continuing conflicts, contact an administrator.
    1. Use the guild tag in parentheses: [[Guild:Zealots Of Shiverpeak (ZoS)]]
    2. Use the territory of the guild: [[Guild:Zealots Of Shiverpeak (America)]]
    3. Use the guild's preferred style of play: [[Guild:Zealots Of Shiverpeak (PvP)]]
  • All content created for the sole use of guild or alliance members (such as templates or userboxes) should be kept as a subpage of the guild. For example placed at [[Guild:Example Guild/Userbox]].
  • All images used on guild pages must contain the template {{guild image}} in its description; this template clearly marks the image as a guild-related image.
  • Image names must be prefixed with the word "Guild" and the full name of the guild. (examples: Image:Guild Example Guild.jpg, Image:Guild Example Guild cape.jpg). As with the above, this is to clearly identify an image as being guild-related only.
  • All guild pages must have the minimum content requirements in English. They can also have them in another language if they like, but they have to be present in English as well.
    • If a guild page contains other content beyond the bare minimum in a language other than English, it should have at least an English summary of the additional contents, even if they're not translated verbatim.
  • For detailed instructions on how to format your guild page and what information to include, see the style and formatting guideline. This page also provides a handy template for such guild articles.

Required content[edit]

  • Must contain the default template {{guild}} at the top; this template clearly marks the article as a guild article.
    • If the guild has received recognition from ArenaNet, as shown on the notable guilds section of its webpage, {{guild|notable}} can be used instead.
  • Must contain the default template {{guild infobox}}.
  • Must contain information about the guild other than just the name, tag, and/or basic formatting. This must contain a minimum of one in game or wiki contact, or other contact method, such as a website, forum or email.

Explicitly allowed content[edit]

  • Brief history of the guild.
  • Philosophy of the guild/style of play.
  • Notable and verifiable achievements of the guild (tournament wins, hosted events, etc).
  • Recruitment status, and policy.
  • Contact information, limited to leader and notable members.
  • Images – restricted to a guild banner, a single image of your guild members striking a pose, an image of the guild hall, and an image of the guild cape. (not including icons in headings).
  • Guilds wishing to display their alliance information must use the default {{alliance nav}} template.

Explicitly disallowed content[edit]

  • The guild page must not contain any defamation. This includes making statements about other guilds. All information about players and guilds must strictly adhere to the no personal attacks policy.
  • While achievements may be listed, guild pages must not claim impossible or verifiably false achievements. Where possible, claims to fame should be documented with hard evidence such as mentions on the official Guild Wars website, championship trophies, etc.
  • Guild pages, which include their talk pages, may not be considered the guild webpage, or used as a chat forum, recruitment board or guild roster. Guild pages may not be used to contact the guild members.
  • Guild pages should be stable. Do not list such information as who is online, what the guild's current rating/rank is, etc. (It is OK to list the final ratings from past ladder seasons.)
  • No guild page may redirect to or from a page outside the Guild: namespace. No guild article may transclude a page outside the Guild: or Template: namespaces.
  • Guild tag redirects are also not allowed since guild tags are not unique to a guild and may be shared by more than one guild.
  • Profiles and images of members of the guild, should they be present, must be placed on user pages or subpages of the guild, and linked.
  • Strategy tips or character builds related to the guild must be presented under separate guild subpages.

Guild talk page restrictions[edit]

Do not remove any comments, including your own. You may amend your comments to correct typos, but if you wish to change your comment significantly, strike out the portions that you are changing (use <s></s>). Comments constituting personal abuse may be removed as per Guild Wars Wiki:No personal attacks.

You are permitted to archive older comments as a guild talk page gets longer. Do so by copying the talk page to an archive subpage, such as Guild talk:Example/Archive 1, and leave a prominent link to it from the main talk page. You may wish to use the {{archive-box}} template for this purpose. Discussions should be continued on a guild's main talk page, rather than in their archives.

Do not put any formatting on the talk page that makes it more difficult for other users to leave messages (such as borders, background colors, text highlights, font sizes, etc.).


Guild pages should generally not be created, nor information maintained, by non-members. In case of doubt, an administrator may ask the primary editors of a guild page to prove that they are members of the guild. The purpose of this policy is to minimize the chance of aiding rumor or misinformation campaigns.

The {{guild cleanup}} tag should be used if the guild page does not conform to policy or accepted formatting guidelines.

Inactivity, clean-up, and deletion[edit]

  • A guild page can be tagged as an {{inactive guild}} if it has not received any edits for 6 months.
  • Any guild member or user of the Guild Wars Wiki may remove the {{inactive guild}} tag if the guild is still active.
  • A guild page can be archived or deleted after 2.5 years (30 months) of inactivity.
  • A notable guild page, as identified by the {{guild|notable}} tag, will never be deleted.
  • Pages tagged for clean up will be deleted 14 days after tagging if appropriate changes are not made.
  • Guild pages that are found to violate these policies may be edited to fit these policies. A guild that harms or frustrates the Guild Wars Wiki may forfeit their privilege of having a guild page. In general, guild pages should not be kept if the guild leader or all editing guild members request deletion (although verification of current membership/position may be required, to prevent abuse). Requests and execution of deletions should be done according to deletion policy. As with all articles on Guild Wars Wiki, any content posted to a guild page can potentially be reused by others, even if deletion is later requested.