Leader of the Pack

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Leader of the Pack
Section Far Shiverpeaks Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Hogni Truthseeker
in Drakkar Lake
(Far Shiverpeaks)
Preceded by Curse of the Nornbear
Type Secondary quest
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Leader of the Pack Map2.jpg
Alternative path from Gunnar's Hold

Prove yourself worthy to the Tundra Wolves and fight with them in battle to defeat the Destroyers.

Quest information[edit]




After obtaining this quest from Hogni Truthseeker in Drakkar Lake, you can map travel to either Longeye's Ledge or Gunnar's Hold. If starting from Longeye's Ledge, travel west until you reach the cave of Tundra Wolves (point 1 on the map). If starting from Gunnar's Hold, travel north to the cave. Along with the wolves will be an Alpha Tundra Wolf. You'll need to defeat all of them in battle in order for them to become allies. Travel south to point 2 on the map where you will be faced with four waves of 3-4 Destroyers, in Hard Mode they will be in larger groups of 4-5. Wait for them to come to you in order to buy a little time between each encounter so you can regenerate health and energy. Take care not to enter the portal to Norrhart Domains while fighting, as in that case you will have to begin again by defeating the wolves. Once you defeat the Destroyers, map travel to Olafstead and head to Hogni Truthseeker to obtain your reward.



Beasts (initially hostile, become allies once defeated and will follow the party)




Initial dialogue[edit]

Hogni Truthseeker
"Listen, little one. Do you hear the howls riding the wind? They have much to tell those who would listen.
The wolf represents the visceral thrill of combat. Savagery stirs in every heart. The pulse quickens when hand hefts weapon. A snarls curls the lip when blood is in the air, calling the pack to hunt. The wolves beckon us to battle.
Something unnatural has come to these lands. You know them as Destroyers. Yes, I know of them, and the destruction they leave in their wake. Wolf now sends his children to fight them. If you are to learn the ways of the hunt, you must run with them. Go to Bjora Marches. Prove your strength to the wolves and fight by their side as you would by ours."
Yes Accept: "I could use a good run."
No Decline: "You must be howling mad."
Ask Ask: "Embrace the beast within your heart and run with the wolves of Bjora Marches."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Hogni Truthseeker
"The wolves howl the tale of your deeds for all to hear, little one. Tell me, did you feel the sharpening of your senses as you became one with the pack? Did your nostrils flare as the pungent odor of blood filled the air? Did you revel in the image of your face seared into the eyes of your dying foe? That is the true thrill of battle. If you would run in our pack, little one, embrace that emotion, and let its power course through your veins."


  • After defeating the Destroyers, any surviving wolves will remain with your party and so can be useful in killing foes in or vanquishing Bjora Marches.