To Sorrow's Furnace

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To Sorrow's Furnace
Section Southern Shiverpeaks Quests
Campaign Prophecies
Given by Dwarven Prospector
in Grenth's Footprint
(Southern Shiverpeaks)
Followed by The Final Assault
Type Secondary quest
To Sorrow's Furnace map.jpg
Quest NPCs

Overview quest for initial adventures in Sorrow's Furnace.

Quest information[edit]


  • Help Galen Trask complete his mission inside Sorrow's Furnace.
  • Help Kilroy Stonekin complete his mission inside Sorrow's Furnace.
  • Help High Priest Alkar complete his mission inside Sorrow's Furnace.
  • Help Orozar Highstone complete his mission inside Sorrow's Furnace.
  • Find Galen Trask somewhere in Grenth's Footprint.
  • Lead Galen Trask into Sorrow's Furnace.
  • Find Kilroy Stonekin somewhere in Grenth's Footprint.
  • Lead Kilroy Stonekin into Sorrow's Furnace.
  • Find High Priest Alkar somewhere in Grenth's Footprint.
  • Lead High Priest Alkar into Sorrow's Furnace.
  • Find Orozar Highstone somewhere in Grenth's Footprint.
  • Lead Orozar Highstone into Sorrow's Furnace.



This quest actually involves four subquests. There is no particular order in which these subquests must be completed; however, all the subquests cannot be acquired at the same time.

Starting from the Deldrimor War Camp, for each of the four parts of the main "container" quest you'll have to:

  • Find a dwarf in Grenth's Footprint (and probably kill a couple of Stone Summit bosses along the way; this is not difficult, but when fighting the mobs here, take out the Stone Summit Gnashers as a priority, before they overwhelm the party with animated Bone Fiends);
  • Lead the dwarf to Sorrow's Furnace (and you can only lead one at a time);
  • Speak to the dwarf within the door of Sorrow's Furnace;
  • Complete the subquest that they in turn give you.

Each of these subquests must be completed before exiting Sorrow's Furnace, or you will be required to locate the relevant NPC in Grenth's Footprint again.

Each of the subquests is a repeatable quest, and a good source of experience points.

For more information, see the individual entries:




Initial dialogue[edit]

Dwarven Prospector

"Grenth's Footprint is a dangerous place. Many's the traveler to these lands who left his bones by the wayside and his family wondering what became of him. There are three Dwarves and a human here who could use a well-armed escort. Will ye go and seek them out?"
Yes Accept: ""I'll look for them on the road."
No Decline: "I'd rather go in alone."
Ask Ask: "It's dangerous to travel alone. Why don't ye try to find those people I told you about earlier?"

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Accepting High Priest Alkar's part:

High Priest Alkar:Come, I need to get back to my temple as soon as possible.

Accepting Galen Trask's part:

"If we dress you as a slave, you'll make the perfect spy. Let's go." (speech bubble)

When talking to him again in Grenth's Footprint

"I'll wait here until you're ready." (speech bubble)

Reward dialogue[edit]

Dwarven Prospector

"Ye made it there and back, eh? Excellent."


Anomaly Anomaly.If you speak to any of the NPCs after completing their subquest, your quest log will update as if you need to complete the same subquest again. However, you can skip it and focus on the subquests that remain or proceed with The Final Assault, if you have completed each of the four tasks.