Summit Slaves

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Summit Slaves
Section Southern Shiverpeaks Quests
Campaign Prophecies
Given by Galen Trask
in Sorrow's Furnace
(Southern Shiverpeaks)
Part of To Sorrow's Furnace
Type Secondary quest Repeatable quest
Summit Slaves Map.jpg
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Galen Trask needs you to scout 5 locations in Sorrow's Furnace.

Quest information[edit]




Find Galen Trask in Grenth's Footprint, and lead him to Sorrow's Furnace. Once inside, speak to him to receive this quest. He wants you to pretend to be a slave, and to scout out five locations. He will cast Chains of Enslavement on you, which will render most Stone Summit friendly. The main enemies you'll fight will be rebellious Dredge, and nearby Stone Summit will help you. It is not possible to remove the Chains of Enslavement condition while inside Sorrow's Furnace during this quest, so don't worry about betraying your identity.

Galen Trask will sell you to Taskmaster Ironboot, who will lead you to Krak Flamewhip, who will offer five optional subquests that can be done whilst scouting the locations for Trask. These quests will take you to places close to the spots you'll have to scout for Galen. For more information on these subquests, see the entries: Cold One, Fire in the Hole, Gathering Resources, Unruly Slaves, and Wrenches In The Gears. If you don't want to bother with the subquests, simply follow your direction arrows to scout out locations. If you wish to do the subquests, have a look at Gathering Resources first and speak to Tharn Stonerift, as he will ask you to gather iron ore that can be found in the course of completing the other subquests.

Accepting a subquest from Krak Flamewhip will spawn a number of foes. The main Summit Slaves quest is a lot easier to complete without accepting any of these subquests. Alternatively, it's possible (though it'll take a long time) to complete the main Summit Slaves quest and then go to Krak Flamewhip to accept his subquests. These will be less difficult seeing that you'll already have killed most of the foes.

While journeying through the caves, carrying a Master Gear is unnecessary as these slow your movement rate and there is always one nearby in a working gearbox. Since the main quest (and all 5 subquests, should the player choose to do them) mostly consists of running, consider having at least one party member bring a party-wide speed boost skill.

When you have found a location the message "Quest Updated: Summit slaves" is displayed. Select the Summit Slaves quest in your quest log to see which locations you have visited. (Following the quest arrows in the order they appear results in a bit of backtracking, following the numbers on the wiki map would be quicker.)



Normal Stone Summit units are now allied.

  • Monk 24 (?) Krak Flamewhip


Initial dialogue[edit]

Galen Trask

"All right, here's the plan. Our Dwarven friends mentioned five locations: the Stone Basilica, Darkhaven, Sorrow's Belly, the Gap, and the Iron Arch. You'll need to scout each one, then return to me. You'll be posing as slaves, but don't worry, I'll get you out of here when it's all over."
"Now, I'm going to have to put an Enchantment on you; the Summit won't take you without it. It'll prevent you from attacking the Stone Summit, and it also gives them certain powers over you, so try not to make them angry. Once the Enchantment is in place, I'm going to sell you to Taskmaster Ironboot over there, and you'll have to follow him to the slave pens. Once you're inside, you're on your own. Good Luck!"
Yes Accept: "We're ready. Let's go."
No Decline: "Slave pens? Are you kidding me?"
Ask Ask: "We can't make our escape until you've finished your reconnaissance. Scout the locations we discussed, then we'll get you out of here."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Speech bubbles after accepting the quest:

Galen Trask: "Hail, Ironboot! I've brought you some fine slaves. Humans! You don't see their like every day."
Taskmaster Ironboot: "Humans are overrated. Why, they expect to be fed daily! But it looks like you've already enchanted 'em, so I suppose we can use 'em if the price isn't too dear."
Galen Trask: "These are strong and healthy. They'll last years. I'd say they're worth 1000 gold a piece."
Taskmaster Ironboot: "Ho ho! Ah, Trask, yer a real piece o' work. Do ye take me fer a fool? I'd not pay that fer the lot of 'em! I'll give ye 100 gold each."
Galen Trask: "You wound me, Ironboot. You know I can't possibly take less than 300 gold for each of them."
Taskmaster Ironboot: "I'll give ye 200 each and that's that. Take it or be gone w'ye."
Galen Trask: "Ironboot, you scallywag, you've called my bluff. The slaves are yours. Now pay up so I can be on my way."
Taskmaster Ironboot: "Follow me humans. And don't dawdle."
Taskmaster Ironboot: "If ye want to get through the gates, ye'll have to learn to use the Gear Boxes, else ye'll get stuck."
Taskmaster Ironboot: "Ye'd do well to do exactly as Krak Flamewhip says. Finish his tasks and ye might avoid his whip."
Taskmaster Ironboot: "A sicklier lot I've never seen. Good luck getting' any work from 'em, Krak."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Galen Trask

"Excellent work! This ought to go some ways toward compensating you for what you've been through."


  • The following conversations occur between NPCs during this quest:
Summit Taskmaster: "Curse that Grognard Gravelhead."
Priest of Sorrows: "What's your beef with Grognard?"
Summit Taskmaster: "He's mean to the core, that one. Last night, he made me go fetch him a cold one."
Priest of Sorrows: "That's what you're so steamed about?"
Summit Taskmaster: "On my hands and knees! He made me go get him a cold one on my hands and knees!"
Priest of Sorrows: "At least he didn't ride on your back."
Summit Taskmaster: "Who says he didn't?"
Summit Warden: "I'm telling you, we should be very nervous about The Iron Forgeman."
Summit Surveyor: "He's of no threat to us."
Summit Warden: "Oh no? Next thing you know the Furnace will be full of automatons, and all of us dwarves will be out of work."
Summit Surveyor: "You're crazy."
Summit Warden: "Mark my words. That big hunk of tin is after our jobs."
Summit Warden: "Just think about it. He does the same amount of work, and they don't have to feed him."
Summit Surveyor: "Well, I suppose you do have something there."
Summit Taskmaster: "Did you go to the card game last night?"
Summit Deep Knight: "No. Did you?"
Summit Taskmaster: "You missed a good one. Runar Brimstone got into a fight with Wroth Yakslapper."
Summit Deep Knight: "No way? Not Yakslapper."
Summit Taskmaster: "I wouldn't have believed it myself if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes."
Summit Deep Knight: "I'd pay good coin to see Runar this morning."
Summit Taskmaster: "Oh, it's not going to be pretty. I'll bet he looks like a lightning drake sat on his face."
Summit Taskmaster: "You know, Ole Flamewhip gets a bad rap."
Summit Dark Binder: "You think?"
Summit Taskmaster: "Yeah. I've spent some time with the guy. Get him away from work, and he really loosens up."
Summit Dark Binder: "Well I'll be a yak's uncle. You don't say."