The Gap

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The Gap
Prophecies screenshot 068.jpg
Campaign Prophecies
Region Southern Shiverpeaks
Type Landmark
Summit Slaves Map.jpg
Point 4

The Gap is a large canyon inside of Sorrow's Furnace. The Gap encompasses much of the north eastern region of the furnace, forming an arc, which splits Sorrow's Furnace from old ruins being excavated. On the eastern edge, there is a large mechanical bridge that can be maneuvered up and down, connecting the Gap to the entrances of the chambers containing the Iron Forgeman. On the northern edge of the Gap are a series of crushers, used to crush raw ore into Ore Ingots. Above the Gap is an open ceiling to the outside, letting in the cold snow and air to contrast with the burning heat of the furnaces deeper in the mine.

The quests Cold One and Summit Slaves lead players there.


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