Temple of Lyssa

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Temple of Lyssa
Temple of Lyssa.jpg
Campaign Prophecies
Region Southern Shiverpeaks
Type Landmark
Temple of Lyssa map.jpg
Map to the Temple of Lyssa
Temple of Lyssa entrance.jpg
Temple's entrance

An ancient temple of Lyssa lies in a cave located in the north east of Mineral Springs and contains a statue of Lyssa and two large toppled Deldrimor braziers which pulsate with a metallic hum. Behind the cave, there is an Ice Beast and a Seer which will allow you to infuse a set of armor.

There are large mobs of Ice Imps inside the cave. These are the only creatures known to drop the Icy Dragon Sword.


  • There will be no Ice Imps if you have the quest Defend Droknar's Forge active. They will be replaced with various Titans. Also, the Seer and Ice Beast will not appear if you have this quest.


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