Gathering Resources

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Gathering Resources
Section Sorrow's Furnace Quests
Campaign Prophecies
Given by Krak Flamewhip
in Sorrow's Furnace
(Southern Shiverpeaks)
Part of Summit Slaves
Type Secondary quest Repeatable quest

Krak Flamewhip owes a favor to Tharn Stonerift, who needs 10 ore ingots.

Quest information[edit]



  • Speak to Tharn Stonerift.
  • Gather 10 ore ingots.
  • Return the ore ingots to Tharn Stonerift.
  • See Krak Flamewhip for your reward.



Follow your direction arrows to reach the ten Ore Boxes, although it doesn't matter where you find the ore, or in which order you pick it up. A lot of ore can be found in the course of completing the Cold One quest, and in the adjoining cavern (the big one hanging with chains).

It's best to accept this quest prior to attempting the other quests from Krak Flamewhip, as you will be required to go to the same locations to finish those other quests.

After gathering ten ingots, speak to Tharn Stonerift to complete the quest, then see Krak Flamewhip for your reward.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Krak Flamewhip

"Hey, slave! I owe a favor to Tharn Stonerift, and you're going to relieve me of the obligation. Go offer yourself to Tharn, and do whatever he asks. Got it?"
Yes Accept: "As you wish."
No Decline: "I have other tasks to carry out first, boss."
Ask Ask: "What are you still doing here? I told you to report to Tharn Stonerift!"

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Tharn Stonerift

"Flamewhip sent you? Does he think it a favor to send me a filthy human slave? Well, make yourself useful and find me 10 ore ingots. Go on, be quick about it!"

Tharn Stonerift

"I suppose even a human can count to ten, eh? Tell Flamewhip we're even."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Krak Flamewhip

"Good. It don't pay to harbor debts to Dwarves like Tharn. Now get back to work, slave!"

Interactive objects[edit]