Fire in the Hole

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Fire in the Hole
Section Southern Shiverpeaks Quests
Campaign Prophecies
Given by Krak Flamewhip
in Sorrow's Furnace
(Southern Shiverpeaks)
Type Secondary quest Repeatable quest

Krak Flamewhip wants you to hunt down and destroy an escaped Flame Djinn.

Quest information[edit]



  • Go to the last place where the flame djinn was last seen.
  • Hunt down and destroy the flame djinn.
  • See Krak Flamewhip for your reward.



On the path to the Flame Djinn, you will encounter four burnt corpses. When you get close enough, the djinn will charge after you. The djinn has a monster skill, Consuming Flames, that could be problematic if your party does not stay close together. Consuming Flames will heal the djinn as well as any party members close to it, so minor healing is all that is needed. To quickly kill the djinn, follow the green star on your compass to the right. There will be dredge there who will help you fight it, as well as give you a boon that makes you hit for 15 points extra. Doing this will drop the djinn quickly. Note, the djinn will follow you anywhere you go, so you do not have to continually draw him to the dredge. Return to Krak Flamewhip for your reward when you have destroyed the djinn.





Initial dialogue[edit]

Krak Flamewhip

"As if I don't have enough to worry about, one of them damn flame djinn has broken loose from the Iron Forgeman and is incinerating everything in sight! Head to where the flame djinn was last spotted, hunt it down, and destroy it. Or I'll make sure you're its next victim. Got it?"
Yes Accept: "I don't really have much choice, do I?"
No Decline: "I'm really busy right now."
Ask Ask: "What are you, deaf? Get out of here, and go kill that flame djinn!"

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

First Burnt Corpse:

"The Flame Djinn has been here: these charred remains are barely recognizable as having one been a Stone Summit Dwarf."

Second Burnt Corpse:

"The blackened corpse of a Dredge who ran afoul of the flame djinn. It must be nearby..."

Third Burnt Corpse:

"A fourth corpse charred beyond recognition, and still hot to the touch...the flame djinn can't be far now."

Fourth Burnt Corpse:

"Another casualty of the flame djinn's rage... It's hard to tell what species this poor fellow was in life."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Krak Flamewhip

"Good job, slave. Now get back to work, or I'll lay my whip to your hide!"

Interactive objects[edit]


  • The Iron Arch can be scouted for Summit Slaves while fighting the Flame Djinn.
  • Enable the Gathering Resources quest prior to attempting this one -- you will pass a number of iron ore boxes on the way to the djinn.
  • The quest name is likeley a pun on the fact that the Flame Djinn is found in a room with multiple levels (the "hole")


  • "Fire in the Hole" is a common saying that originated with American miners in the 1800's. It is meant as a warning that an explosive is nearby and about to detonate. The saying has also been used in various video games, such as Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, and Battlefield 2.