Noble Intentions

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Noble Intentions
Section Sorrow's Furnace Quests
Campaign Prophecies
Given by Orozar Highstone
in Sorrow's Furnace
(Sorrow's Furnace)
Part of To Sorrow's Furnace
Followed by Noble Intentions Plan B
Type Secondary quest Repeatable quest
Noble Intentions map.jpg
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Escort Orozar Highstone into Sorrow's Furnace to find his brother.

Quest information[edit]


  • Follow Orozar Highstone to the meeting place.
  • Protect Orozar Highstone!
  • See Orozar Highstone for your reward.



Find Orozar Highstone in Grenth's Footprint, and lead him to Sorrow's Furnace.

Once inside Sorrow's Furnace, speak to Highstone again, and he'll tell you he's bribed the guards and wants you to find his brother. Follow him through the cavern. You'll fight one easy mob, and a dialog will start where a Priest of Sorrows (accompanied by some Summit Deep Knights) tells Highstone that they have tricked him, upon which they will run away.

He'll remain in one spot, and then you'll face four waves of Stone Summit, including a lot of Summit Deep Knights, Summit Taskmasters, Summit Dark Binders, Summit Surveyors, Summit Wardens, a couple of Priest of Sorrows, and two random bosses (one in the second wave; second in the fourth -- see the entry "Sorrow's Furnace" for a guide to the bosses). There's a brief pause between each wave to pick up loot (there will be a lot of it) and to regenerate.

Tactically, it's probably easiest to stay with Highstone rather than split your party trying to attack each mob as it approaches (they come from different directions). Flag your heroes/henchmen to the one spot. You lose and get teleported back to the outpost if Highstone dies, but the foes will prioritize your party over Highstone. So long as you aggro them before they reach Highstone, they'll attack you even with Highstone in their aggro range.

A resurrection shrine is very close by, so even if the party wipes, you should still be able to complete this quest.

Upon completion, speak to Highstone to be awarded 4000 experience points (which will restore 53% of negative morale up to zero which takes care of most Death Penalty). Gather all drops before speaking to him again for Noble Intentions Plan B.

Skill recommendations[edit]



Many Stone Summit start out allied.


Dwarves (Stone Summit)



Dwarves (Stone Summit)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Orozar Highstone
"My younger brother, fool that he is, has gone and joined the Stone Summit. As ye can imagine, if my rivals learn of this, it could be disastrous for my family and my political career. That's where ye come in. I've bribed several of the guards to grant us safe passage. We're going to find my brother and bring him back before anyone finds out. can I count on yer silence?"
Accept: "I'd hate to see your image tarnished. You can count on me."
Decline: "I have a big mouth. You'd better find someone else."
When asked about quest: "I have bribed several of the Summit's guards, but we must hurry and find my brother. My money buys us only so much time."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Upon accepting the quest
Orozar Highstone: "Follow me! The meeting place is just up ahead."
Orozar Highstone: "Sorrow's Furnace... A fitting name for this place, eh?"
Orozar Highstone: "Looks like the bribe paid off. This should be a walk in the park."
Orozar Highstone: "Just a bit further, now. Com on!"
Entering the second room, with hostile Stone Summit
Orozar Highstone: "Great beards! We weren't supposed to encounter any guards... We've been tricked!"
Orozar Highstone: "I cry foul! I gave these Summit twice the going rate, and still they betray me. Is there no honor among those who take bribes?"
Reaching the gearbox in the second room
Orozar Highstone: "Betrayed first by my own brother, now by the Stone Summit. They were bought and paid for, I tell ye! Damn cheats."
Priest of Sorrows: "Ye'll fetch a grand ransom, Highstone. Twenty times the amount ye've spent on bribes."
Orozar Highstone: "The Stone Summit are a nasty lot. Used to be a bribe actually meant something to a Dwarf."
Priest of Sorrows: "Pleasure doing business with ye, Orozar! See ye in the Underworld!"
At the start of each wave
Orozar Highstone: "Incoming! Look alive!"
After the fourth wave
Orozar Highstone: "I think that's the last of the guards for now. Let's keep moving."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Orozar Highstone
"Well fought, my friend. I thought we were on our way to the Eternal Forge, but it seems the Great Dwarf has other plans for us this day."


  • The Priest of Sorrows will remain allied even after the waves of enemies begins to spawn and if using a minion master he will often ignore his path and return to heal your minions.
  • Also note that unlike many similar normally hostile creatures turned into allies they will be attacked by the other hostile stone summits and likely killed.
  • Bosses appear randomly; there is a chance that the boss from whom you need to capture a skill won't appear at all.