Noble Intentions Plan B

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Noble Intentions Plan B
Section Southern Shiverpeaks Quests
Campaign Prophecies
Given by Orozar Highstone
in Sorrow's Furnace
(Southern Shiverpeaks)
Part of To Sorrow's Furnace
Preceded by Noble Intentions
Type Secondary quest Repeatable quest
Noble Intentions map.jpg
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Help Orozar Highstone find his brother Ural and get him out of Sorrow's Furnace one way or another.

Quest information[edit]


  • Find Ural Highstone.
  • Keep Orozar Highstone alive as he leads you to the exit of Sorrow's Furnace. Bring the shackled Ural Highstone with you.
  • See Orozar Highstone for your reward.



After the big battle at the end of Noble Intentions, speak to Orozar Highstone again to trigger Plan B. He'll begin to rush off through the caverns. Follow him to keep him alive as you will automatically fail this quest when Orozar dies. You'll face a couple of groups of Stone Summit and find Orozar's brother, Ural Highstone. There will be a cutscene and Highstone will transform his brother into a bundle item.

After the cutscene Orozar will tell you to pick up a master gear to lower the bridge and to pick up his brother and escort both of them out of Sorrow's Furnace. If you're the only player, just pick up his brother for now. He'll rush to a raised bridge. Defend him from the two foes there. If you're the only player, you will have to temporarily drop his brother and go back to grab the gear located by his brother's initial location.

Once the bridge is lowered Orozar will continue running ahead and rushing into battle, make sure to keep him safe. Occasionally he will not advance as he attempts to engage the Stone Summit in the path underneath the bridge. Soon more foes will also come from behind you. You will be defending Orozar in a bottleneck situation, but there is a very limited amount of area of effect damage enemies can do. Fight until Orozar does start to advance. If Orozar does not run in range of the Stone Summit on the path underneath the bridge, you can slow down the enemies advancing from behind by leaving spirits, though this is optional.

If you run too much ahead of Orozar he may switch to walking instead of running. You can prompt him back to running by approaching him.

Eventually you'll reach the exit, where Ural will automatically drop and the quest will be complete. Remember to accept your reward from Orozar before exiting Sorrow's Furnace.


There are two ways to make this quest easier, should your party be unable to handle the Stone Summit numbers or if you prefer not to fight so much. Proceed along the quest as normal until you reach the bridge. Do not lower the bridge, but instead do either:

  1. Backtrack to the starting cave, and head in a northeasterly direction, aiming for the other end of the bridge. You will pass by a resurrection shrine, some heavy machinery, and a big cavern hung with chains. This is aimed at clearing away the stationary mobs before returning all the way to Orozar to lower the bridge. The subsequent run to the entrance will be much easier. An option here is that you bring with you a Master Gear from a gearbox (there is one by the brother and some on the way) and use that to lower the bridge from the other side (saving you the time to run back) - hurry over the bridge to pick up the brother and continue the quest because lowering the bridge will trigger some large patrols that will come the way you used when first entering the brother's cave.
  2. Exploit the quest trigger for quest completion. Simply carry Ural Highstone all the way back to the entrance until he is automatically dropped. Then run all the way back to Orozar for the reward. Keep in mind that the foes on your path, friendly during Noble Intentions, will now have turned hostile.
  • Do not try to clear the way before activating the quest. When you return to the front of Sorrow's Furnace this room is full of stone summit. Additionally, lowering the bridge will spawn foes at Highstone's location and kill him very quickly.




Dwarves (Stone Summit)



Dwarves (Stone Summit)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Orozar Highstone

"Well, uh, that didn't go so well. Seems money can't buy everything. Guess we'll have to improvise. If ye'll continue to assist me in my efforts to retrieve my brother, there will be something extra in it for ye."
Accept: "We've come this far. Let's see this to the end."
Decline: "You're right, money can't buy everything. You're on your own."
When asked about quest: "Please, we must find my brother quickly, before news gets out that he's joined the Summit!"

Intermediate dialogue 1[edit]

While heading towards where Ural is located:

Orozar Highstone: "We've won this battle, but there's bound to be more of them. Quickly, this way! My informant said my brother should be just 'round the bend here."
Orozar Highstone: "This way! We've got to get my brother back."
Orozar Highstone: "Just a but further, now. Come on!"

Upon meeting Ural Highstone

Orozar Highstone: "Do ye know how much gold ye've cost me, Ural?"
Ural Highstone: "Do ye ever think about anything other than gold, Orozar?"
Orozar Highstone: "As a matter of fact, I do: our family's honor. Something ye think nothing about, apparently."
Ural Highstone: "Family honor? Bah! Ye're just afraid the "scandal" will put an end to yer political aspirations."
Orozar Highstone: "Ye worthless runt. I should just leave ye here to rot with the rest of these Summit scum."
Ural Highstone: "Maybe ye should. At least here I'm not treated like a beardless child!"
Orozar Highstone: "Enough! Take yer last look at this miserable place and let's go."
Ural Highstone: "Go home, Orozar. I'm not leaving."
Orozar Highstone: "One way or another, you're coming with us Ural!"

Intermediate dialogue 2[edit]

After the cutscene:

Orozar Highstone: "Grab a master gear out of the gearbox over there; we'll need it to get across the bridge ahead."
Orozar Highstone: "All right, grab my brother and let's get out of here!"

Repeated as long as the party is in the area and the bridge is not lowered:

Orozar Highstone: "What are you waiting for? Lower the bridge!"
Orozar Highstone: "Make it quick. It isn't going to be easy to get out of this place."

After the bridge is lowered:

Orozar Highstone: "Move yer feet! I can hear the guards coming this way!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Orozar Highstone

"I'm sorry for involving ye in this fiasco with my brother, but ye were certainly instrumental in his rescue. My family owes ye a debt of gratitude."


Bug Bug.Orozar may get caught in a chest on his way to save his brother. Try to pull some enemies to the spot where he is stuck, and if he engages to fight he will then proceed to his brother. If that is not possible, you are forced to restart the quest by zoning out.