Dwarven Prospector

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Dwarven Prospector
Deldrimor caster.jpg
Affiliation Deldrimor
Type Dwarf
Profession Monk Monk
Level(s) 20
Campaign Prophecies
Dwarven Prospectors stand at each of the entrances to Grenth's Footprint (except Sorrow's Furnace). They are searching for their comrades-in-arms, who are elsewhere in Grenth's Footprint.



Quests given:



Many's the Dwarf who lost his life in Sorrow's Furnace.

What's on your mind?

→ Where are the dwarves and the human who need my aid?
"Who are you interested in finding?"
→ Galen Trask
"Galen Trask can be found here"
→ Kilroy Stonekin
"Kilroy Stonekin can be found here"
→ High Priest Alkar
"High Priest Alkar can be found here"
→ Orozar Highstone
"Orozar Highstone can be found here"


  • Like many neutral NPCs with healing skills, the Dwarven Prospector will attempt to heal everything within range, including foes as well as allies.