Leviathan (species)

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Leviathan mesmer.jpg

Leviathans are sea creatures from the Jade Sea that have adapted to life out of water. They are named after the Leviathans.

List of hostile NPCs[edit]

Region Name Trophy
Guild Wars Factions
The Jade Sea Warrior 24 (26) Leviathan Claw
Ranger 24 (26) Leviathan Mouth
Mesmer 24 (26) Leviathan Eye
Moon Shell
The Deep Warrior 28 (30) Leviathan Arm
Ranger 28 (30) Leviathan Head
Mesmer 28 (30) Leviathan Mind


  • Leviathans found in the Jade Sea are weak against blunt damage and strong against piercing damage. It is unknown if this is true for those found in The Deep.


  • In Hebrew Scripture, a Leviathan refers to a great sea monster. In the everyday Hebrew language, it also means Cetacea.