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Note for visitors: Guild Wars 1 is currently in a maintenance state. If you're experiencing problems playing, please contact Support and the Community team; they will be much more able to assist you and gather information on any issues.

My job focus has changed over the past year, and as a result I'm going to stop gathering suggestions on this page. If you'd like to reminisce about the warm morning breeze or ask wiki documentation-related questions, I'll check in occasionally, but please send any gameplay issues, feedback or suggestions to the Community Team or Support. - Joe Kimmes Talk Page‎

Hey Joe, always appreciated the work you've done for the community. Adding some links for people:
  • GW1 Support Page - Tickets and other issues are now handled by the GW2 team.
  • Submit a Support Ticket - You'll have to sign in via GW1 or GW2 email & password (these should be the same across both games).
If any of the above needs corrections, now or in the future, please feel free to do so. G R E E N E R 07:39, 4 January 2017 (UTC)

Lore questions[edit]

Is it okay to post all lore questions here and move to bottom of list whenever updated? --Falconeye (talk) 10:31, 8 January 2017 (UTC)

Unfortunately I can't give you much insight on these topics - if there was forethought into the ecosystem, it would have been a long time before my hire date. In general, attention is paid to what creatures are found each region to keep them appropriate and consistent.
I don't know about the Leviathans either, but I took a look at the internal files for fun - the generic leviathans are in the Crustacean family (which is actually unique to them) and aside from shared environments, don't seem to be directly related to The Leviathan. - Joe Kimmes Talk Page‎ 17:32, 14 March 2017 (UTC)


The ladder part of the old Guild Wars website froze on January 3rd and changed into a blank page two or three days later. Was this intentional? Will it come back? (I'm the one who created from the information on that page using my own server software I wrote in 2015.) --numma_cway (talk) 18:54, 19 January 2017 (UTC)

I don't have any insight I can share - the website is well outside of my domain. I recommend asking the community team. - Joe Kimmes Talk Page‎ 17:19, 14 March 2017 (UTC)

A little bit late, yet still relevant betterments list[edit]

Good morning, Joe. Hope everything goes well for you these days. :) About 8 months back, I've compiled a certain list of what seemed to represent the most significant shortcomings in the existing state and playability of the game. I thought of exchanging it with you privately this January, but then noticed the disclaimer on this page and decided it could be postponed a bit further. As a matter of fact, the draft itself reflects almost the entire image of what I personally would have done if I was admitted to implement these updates myself. I know discussing it with Gaile at this stage of upkeep would have probably shifted the situation faster for what the players could recognize as positive and tangible outcome, but, it was your page where I've spent multiple hours in the last few years in attempts to make this project a better place for everyone to stay, therefore, I'd like to ask you to point this list to the attention of every your colleague engaged in Guild Wars 2 core or world design that you personally have got shared tasks with and at the same time exchange thoughts in friendship-inherent demeanor, since I believe the steps described in that document should be better talked over in that ambiance. And, if considerable amount of your teammates within Design Department will feel that a certain item from that list doesn't demand vast development resources, then they could forward the idea ahead to Mike so that the team will be granted the opportunity to allocate a certain window in its schedule to introduce the necessary preparations for one of these items to reach out the world on Live Server. Given the nature of how the suggested content resides on corresponding shelves, the same thing can actually be done every Grand Guild Wars Festive Event, if there are no crucial tasks such as the release of a new Guild Wars 2 campaign swirling in the air. Meanwhile, I'd like to congratulate you with anew-arising anniversary of a fascinating world which laid the foundation of the whole franchise and hope to be able to exchange our outlooks later on, be it there or at the Guild Wars 2 Wiki. :) Best wishes. Dmitri Fatkin (talk) 06:14, 21 April 2017 (UTC)

Obs mode broken again[edit]

Obs mode is broken again. Targetdrone (talk) 18:47, 16 May 2017 (UTC)

As mentioned before observer mode often seems to break on GW festive events. Would it help to automatically running the fix/workaround every time a festive event is rolled out? The idea is even if it breaks it gets fixed automatically. Targetdrone (talk) 10:17, 21 May 2017 (UTC)

7/12/17 Banwave[edit]

Any information as to the specific victims targeted in this wave and any chance champ point syncing/farming will get hit as well? Gladiator Motoko (talk) 23:37, 12 July 2017 (UTC)

Dinas as the third Mesmer Hero[edit]

Hello, this reddit thread mentions the possibility of adding Dinas ( ) as the long awaited third Mesmer Hero :

It is, in my opinion, a great idea, with a lot of benefits for the community.

As said, it would :

  • -Add a long awaited feature (that hero has been wanted by the community forever).
  • -Finally give all classes three heroes.
  • -Give War in Kryta the reward it deserves after the battle for Lion's Arch (a hero like Hearts of the North and Winds of Change NM/HM).
  • -Give an incentive for the community to finish War in Kryta.
  • -Give all players the possiblity to have someone in White Mantle armor alongside them (how cool is that?! ^_^).
  • -Be possible to implant with minimal effort (?) from the dev team.

The redditor also said that :

  • -He already has a unique appareance.
  • -He is a recognizable NPC since prophecies (major NPC in the prophecies arc).
  • -He is already a mesmer.
  • -Dinas joining the party would make sense and is easily justifiable storywise.

Pls? Pretty pls? Plssss if you can make it happen i will love you forever =) 18:33, 18 July 2017 (UTC)

The reason people dont bother finishing/doing war in kryta is not the rewards, it's because it's poorly written, dreadfully boring, drags on forever, and in general poorly designed content in a similarly boring state of the PvE game. The reward, and main motivation for finishing war in kryta is that you can return the krytan explorable areas to their prophecies, pre War in Kryta state. Other than that, yeah, I guess we could have another hero. With mercenary heroes it's not like it'd unbalance anything any more than it is unbalanced, so no harm done here...
edit: credit where credit is due though, the war in kryta monster skill bars are rather fun to fight against, with several variations for the same profession, and several themes mixed together, they are probably the closest to an actual "GvG-like", balanced encounter we can get in the game. --Boro User Borotvaltgandalf Sig.jpg 04:42, 28 August 2017 (UTC)

Wiki projects[edit]

Ordering by sacrifice[edit]

A few contributors are attempting to correct how skill tables organize sacrifice skills. Do you know of any ArenaNet employee with the know-how who might be willing to assist? --Falconeye (talk) 23:28, 28 November 2017 (UTC)

Skill trainers[edit]

A contributor is reviving project and is in need of help. Is there anyway on your end in finding out which skill trainers provides what skills, BEFORE they are unlocked by account-wide? --Falconeye (talk) 22:26, 10 July 2018 (UTC)

Dye Trader Question[edit]

It has been 2 months (early August) since the Dye Traders had any Black Dye to offer. I believe the system works based on what we sell to them? However I noticed the Dye Traders only offer 1 Gold to buy Black Dye. No one in their right mind would sell Black for 1 Gold. Is this the end of the Dye Traders, or just a temporary bug your team plans to repair? I know Black still drops, but anyone not wishing to farm it, will need to purchase it from players who are farming. -- 15:51, 19 October 2018 (UTC)

Reverie Easter Egg?[edit]

moved from Talk: Joe Kimmes

Hi Joe, Matthew Moore recently made a Tweet and a edit to the Talk page of Wayfarer's Reverie talking about a "hidden weapon" Easter Egg that has yet to be found in the game. Since he's been away from ArenaNet for several years he's mentioned on Twitter and in the /r/GuildWars subreddit about contacting someone that was on the former Live Team if they would remember this. The community is currently VERY interested in solving the Easter Egg and not necissarily looking for it to be solved for us but just to see if this does exist, do we need to wait for the Wayvarer's Reverie event to solve it or is it available to be solved all year? On behalf of the GW community, Thanks if you can answer! bsoltan (talk) 01:23, 13 April 2021 (UTC)