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My name is Dmitri and I'm a long-time Guild Wars adventurer, semi-professional game (as well as level) designer and the fan of ArenaNet's team since the early 2003 days. The winter of 2004 was also the time when I have joined the fellowship of testers who assisted development team by providing feedback on content-in-works for the upcoming E3 for Everyone event. After the launch of Prophecies, I've also managed to become one of the first to pass that campaign without being taken down a single time, which allowed me to earn the first Survivor title on the entire server the day upon Guild Wars Factions release. During the autumn Beta Weekend Events, I've founded the local Soldiers of Thunderstorm guild and am also known as the leader of a small group of weirdos called Random Ascalon Fools. The preparations for 2014 Heroes' Ascent, 2015 Zaishen Strongboxes / Daily title limitations, Rollo Lowlo & Hobba Inaste graphical correction, as well as 2015 Codex Arena updates were among my contributions. Over the next five years, my area of interest lied within establishing solutions aimed to maintain the project's on-going playability, the major part of which remains browsable from here.

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