Miniature Polar Bear

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Miniature Polar Bear
Miniature Polar Bear.png
Rarity Rare
Type Miniature
Stackable No
Event Wintersday
Jingle Bear.jpg

The Miniature Polar Bear is a miniature version of Ursula the White.



  • This item's "absurdly low drop rate" from the Wintersday Chest is by design.[2]
    • Players have estimated absurdly low to be less than 0.02%, which has been confirmed to be "fairly close."[3]
  • The chance of this item dropping from a Wintersday Grab Bag "is roughly on par with running the [Wintersday Chest quests] ten times."[1]
  • The bells on the Miniature Polar Bear jingle when it moves in dungeons, explorable areas or missions.
  • This is a miniature version of the Jingle Bear, even though its name suggests it is related to the Polar Bear.


  • This was introduced with the Wintersday Chest in Wintersday 2007.
  • Originally denying the existence of the minipet, Gaile Gray apologized for the miscommunication within ArenaNet.[4]


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