Miniature Island Guardian

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Miniature Island Guardian
Miniature Island Guardian.png
Rarity Rare
Type Miniature
Stackable No
Campaign Core
Island Guardian.jpg

The Miniature Island Guardian is a miniature version of an Island Guardian.


  • Each member of the top 3 teams in the Japanese Guild Wars Championship. (8 members per team x 3 teams = 24 given)
  • Taiwan signup to help new players during the first two weeks of Nightfall contest. 50th-99th people to sign up received Island Guardians (50th-99th people = 50 given)
  • Taiwan Nightfall title contest (61 given)
  • Halloween Art Contest 2007 prizes (10 awarded)
  • 1 new one in Wintersday contest


  • This is the largest miniature in the game, followed by the Miniature Zhu Hanuku.
  • Adding the above statistics, a total of 146 Miniature Island Guardians were introduced into the game.
    • Through the exploitation of duping, there were countless high-end miniature pets that were lost due to accounts being permanently banned. The actual number of these remaining in the game is impossible to determine.

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