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{{Babel/{{{level}}} | lang={{{lang}}}-{{{level}}}|msg={{{msg}}}|nocat=}}

The following text (counting this line) are not included in the template.



{{BabelMsg|lang=[laguage code]|level=[level]|msg=[message]|nocat=}}

The language code is typically taken from ISO 639.

Language levels are:

  • N = Native
  • 4 = Near native
  • 3 = Advanced
  • 2 = Intermediate
  • 1 = Basic
  • 0 = No ability

The message should state, in the corresponding language, something along the lines of "This user is able to communicate in [Language] with [level] ability."

If nocat's value is set to anything, such as "nocat=true", "nocat= we love candy", or even "nocat=false", the article using the template will not be automatically categorized.


For serious application of this template, please place one box in Category/User/Languages/[language code]-[level], then the user page should include the category, which will display the box. For non-serious application of this template, just use it when/whereever.


{{BabelMsg|lang=EN|level=2|msg=This user is able to contribute with a [[Template:Babel|intermediate]] level of english.}}

EN-2 This user is able to contribute with a intermediate level of english.

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