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This page is a work in progress; I'm inexperienced at wiki editing, so please bear with me.

What I do at ArenaNet:[edit]

I'm the programmer for the Guild Wars Live Team. I'm responsible for adding the new stuff John or other designers design, fixing bugs and providing general code support for the designers/QA.

Previous work:[edit]

As my (brief) bio on the wiki indicates, I got into the games industry and ArenaNet after I graduated in '06, joining up a few weeks after Factions shipped. I coded many of the skills, quests, missions, and so on in Nightfall, Eye of the North and the Bonus Mission Pack, as well as things like holiday events. I worked briefly on Guild Wars 2 before joining the Live Team to continue working on Guild Wars 1.

Some of my favorite things I've coded have been: (off the top of my head)

Guild Wars:[edit]

My main is an Assassin - I was going to play a Mesmer, but then I thought "wait, Mesmers are so cool looking that everyone's going to be playing them, let's try a different class". No kidding.

I'm the fastest Beetle Racer at ArenaNet!

My Hall of Monuments smells of rich mahogany: HoM