Flamingo-ing... going... gone.

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Flamingo-ing... going... gone.
Section Istan Quests
Campaign Nightfall

(Elonian only)

Given by Kanyama
in Issnur Isles
Type Secondary quest
Kanyama location map Wintersday.jpg
Kanyama's location in Issnur Isles

The flamingos around Kanyama's fields have grown unusually aggressive of late. Get in there and scare them away so the farmers can get back to work.

Quest information[edit]





Use the command /shoo to shoo out flamingos in south field. You only need to shoo each flamingo once, after which it will keep running from you and you can simply run after it to chase it away. Try to herd them into groups to save time, and be aware that they can wander back into the field after you shoo them out.

The quest will update once there are no flamingos left in the field, and you can claim your reward from Kanyama.


Initial dialogue[edit]


"There are so many beautiful flamingos in this area. Have you seen them? We let them eat the pink shrimp in the bogs, which gives them their bright color. They're normally fairly gentle; that's why we were so startled when they suddenly became aggressive. First they chased poor Rahlon out of the south field, and now they won't leave! They attack anyone who dares tread close, so you had best steer clear unless... If you feel adventurous, I know the farmers would spare a few coins for anyone who could shoo the birds out of the field."
Yes Accept: "Bird is the word."
No Decline: "You want me to fight flamingos? Is this a joke?"
Ask Ask: "The troublesome flamingoes are in the southern-most field, near the monument. Shoo them away. I don't care where they go, as long as they aren't in that field anymore."

Reward dialogue[edit]


"Excellent job my friend! Those flamingos should be tamer now that you've scared some sense into them. We managed to rustle up a little something for you, as I promised. I still wonder what got those birds so spooked...."


  • Despite what Kanyama says, the worst the flamingos will do is body block you.
  • It is possible to charm the flamingos.
  • Having multiple human players helps to save time on this quest.
  • It may help to come directly from Beknur Harbor, giving the flamingos as little time as possible to spread out before you arrive.
  • While you are nearby, you should open the Buried Treasure on the edge of the field if you have not done so recently.


  • The acceptance dialogue mimics the 1960's song "Surfin' Bird" by the Trashmen, which includes the oft-repeated phrase "bird is the word".
Anomaly Anomaly.This is one of only two quests with an official name that uses a period (.) as punctuation.