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NightfallOutpostIcon.png Name: Kakarot Role: Sysop
Guild Wars Since: Dec 24, 2005 Wikiing Since: Sept 29, 2007
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  • While Kakarot is not the name of any of my characters, it's a name I've used for a long time and have become so used to using it I decided to use it on this wiki.
  • I started playing Guild Wars in December of 2005; although I actually bought Prophecies in May; and am an active PvE only player. I came to GWW when I first learned about the F10 Help menu and started editing after noticing incomplete collector lists that I wanted to help fill in.
  • I have provided a few character related templates located to the right in the My Links section and will be creating further templates as I am able to. They have been made to be used separately or together with the main character template. Feel free to use them!
  • One reason I like Fire Storm so much is because it allows me to rain death upon my enemies XD While I know Meteor Shower is better damage wise, the high energy usage as well as the high recharge time and exhaustion make me prefer Fire Storm, for the time being anyway.
  • People to have edit wars with: Poke, Brains, Anja
  • People to have block wars with: Brains
  • People to have deletion wars with: Poke
Magical Compass.png Credits Magical Compass.png Bullet e.gif BeXoR
Emily Diehl Bullet e.gif Lensor
Vanguard Bullet e.gif Wynthyst
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The area is dedicated to users who have helped me on the wiki
Wiki Related: (See Here)
  • Learn more of the wiki code.
  • Add any missing information to collectors pages and correct any incorrect info.
  • Create my characters and my collections pages.
Game Related:
  • Finish all Tyrian missions and quests with my main character.
  • Acquire Tyrian Grandmaster Cartographer and Protector of Tyria titles with my main character.
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North American territory.
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Fire Storm.jpg Fire Storm is Kakarot's favourite skill.
Guild Wars
User Kakarot MissionIcons.gif This user plays all Guild Wars campaigns and the expansion.
GWW-shield.png This user owns the Collector's Editions of all three campaigns.
User Lensor TyriaMissionIcon.png This user wishes to complete all Tyrian missions in Normal Mode and achieve the Protector title!
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