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Crown Jewels
About Me
I am an active, female, Guild Wars PvE player with over 15,000 play hours. I started playing in June of 2006 when a friend bought me the game for my birthday, and have never looked back. I founded Gems Of Destiny on April 1, 2007 and I have built it into a friendly, somewhat mature group of crazy, game loving people. I started really becoming involved with GWW in October, 2007, and now the wiki has become my passion. I really enjoy designing user pages.

I also am the Administrator of GuildWars Guru Auctions as well as the Administrator of the Technician's Corner forum there. I am currently working on a project to revitalize and update the information in Guru's main site articles. All contributions are welcome, just drop me a note if you have an idea for an article about Guild Wars that you'd like to publish.

I was honored by ArenaNet by the addition of Wynn [Zaishen Training Captain] to the game during the 4th anniversary celebration. I am humbled and extremely grateful to Linsey and the rest of the Guild Wars Live Team for this recognition of my contributions to the community.

As of November, 2010, I became the second Wiki Manager for and have been helping them expand their wiki sites, including the multi-lingual expansion of the Minecraft Wiki and the creation of Terraria Wiki.

Wiki Stuff
I have created a complete set of user page and character templates. Feel free to use them!

For those with all 10 professions

For those of you who like the layout used by Linsey, I have created an example set of the pages you need to copy to create it for your space.
Word of warning: this is a relatively complex layout and structure, not for the faint of heart or those new to wiki coding!

My favorite wiki quotes
  • Help us poke-wan, your wiki-chu is our only hope! ~ Erasculio
  • As a founding member of the Wyn fanclub, can I just say that while you may be a fascist bitch carebear puppet, you're our fascist bitch carebear puppet and we love you :) ~ snograt
  • We don't document the game on the Main Page; there is not enough room for it. ~ poke
Other Stuff
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