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About me and what I do on the wiki! Characters

I've all but stopped playing Guild Wars now, I might start playing again if Anet ever decide to add some new features (Auction House) and take away from some of the monotony; but until that point I'm hanging up my keyboard for a while.

What I do on the wiki: Not really very much, occasionally I'll intercede on behalf of common sense in a discussion but mainly I just lurk in the IRC channel.

I'd like to thank the following people for help on my userpage:
Bullet mo.gif Anja for letting me borrow her userpage design (It looks awesome ;)
Bullet mo.gif Poke for fixing up my "Kazimir" section :)
Bullet mo.gif BeX for all the styling and formating on my userpage. :P

Bullet w.gif Warrior Branek Hellbringer
Bullet me.gif Mesmer Kaylee Lassic
Bullet mo.gif Monk Kagaras The Jackal
Bullet e.gif Elementalist Selena Shadowforge
Bullet p.gif Paragon Kazimir Novastar
Bullet r.gif Ranger Solnar Swiftbow
Bullet n.gif Necromancer Bella Bloodlust
Bullet rt.gif Ritualist Ari Vashtar
Bullet a.gif Assassin Johnny Rockford
Bullet x.gif No Hail To The Scourge (PvP)
Bullet x.gif No The Battlelion (PvP)

Kazimir Novastar
User Scourge Kazimir Novastar.jpg

Bullet mo.gif Profession: Paragon Paragon.
Bullet mo.gif Campaign: Nightfall.
Bullet mo.gif Height: Taller than Auron's Paragon.
Bullet mo.gif Gender: Male
Bullet mo.gif Age: Created November 2007
Bullet mo.gif Level: 20
Bullet mo.gif Experience: Over 1.6 million.
Bullet mo.gif Pet: Elder Black Widow named Icarus.
Bullet mo.gif Armour: Vabbian Armour with Centurion's Insignia.
Bullet mo.gif Titles:

Elonian Grandmaster Cartographer (100%) — 100% Explored
Protector of Cantha (1) — 13/13 Missions with Master Rewards
Protector of Elona (1) — 20/20 Missions with Master Rewards
Legendary Spearmarshal (10) — 50, 000 Sunspear Points
Holy Lightbringer (8) — 50, 000 Lightbringer Points
Contact information
In game Kazimir Novastar [PRT]
Wiki User talk - E-mail
Forums Scourge
IRC Scourge`
Wiki people

Bullet mo.gif Anja
Bullet mo.gif Aiiane
Bullet mo.gif Armond
Bullet mo.gif Poke
Bullet mo.gif Tanaric
Bullet mo.gif Tanetris
Bullet mo.gif Faer
Bullet mo.gif Fenix

Bullet mo.gif Auron
Bullet mo.gif BeXoR
Bullet mo.gif LordBiro
Bullet mo.gif Dirigible
Bullet mo.gif Wynthyst
Bullet mo.gif Skuld
Bullet mo.gif Saph
Bullet mo.gif Armitage